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    ADE is a separate install for every user?

      Hi, anyone can answer?<br />ADE is supposed to be "lightweight solution" eBook reader.<br />However, even though it's not a standalone application like Adobe Reader, digitaleditions1x5.exe it is still consuming almost 10MB.<br />But worst of all, it seems to be a separate install per user, in <br />Vista digitaleditions1x5.exe is in every<br />c:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\www.macromedia.com\bin\digitaleditions1x5. This means that if you have 4 family users on a machine, then the total space taken is almost 40MB. Isn't this ridiculous?<br />Perhaps I have it all wrong, anyone can correct me?
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          Yes for 1.5 the only way to install ADE is on a per user basis and we do not currently support network based users (Roaming). There have been several requests for a standalone installer that would put the ADE executable in \Applications (Mac) or Program Files (win), so you are not the only one. However I have no information to give out on when or if this will happen.

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems.
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            with due respect, you don't think that 4 instances of the same "lightweight" application on one PC (4 users on my system) is dumb? I mean, did Abobe imagine more than one user on a home computer when they concocted ADE?

            Adobe Reader (AR) is accepted universally and I think every PC in the world already has AR installed (with the same DRM built-in as ADE) so, why have both (bloats, with multiple instances of ADE) taking up space?

            (Like most of ADE users I cannot imagine how ADE is improvement or complimenary to AR for both end-users and eBook providers. I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful, it's just the question of "in God's name, why?" has never been answered by Adobe.)