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    Thumbnail of .epub in ADE

      I'm trying to find a way to assign a thumbnail image for epub file with text only first page, any one can help in this issue.

      How does ADE identify the thumbnail, is it the first page only?


      Wael Elbanna
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          ADE generates the thumbnail based on the first page of content (for both PDF and ePub).

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            This is exactly what I'm looking for guidance on. At the moment I'm not getting any kind of thumbnail image in Digital Editions from epubs I'm creating in indesign - just a grey book image in its place, not text and not the images I've placed on the first page - pointers?

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              ADE converts Coverpage image to thumbnail image page. But their is a way to open it in ADE.

              Instead of opening it by double click, just drag your book and drop it on opened digital edition screen. You will find thumnail image on left top instead of grey screen.

              Let me know if it not works for you.

              Arvinder Sharma
              E-Book Expert for (.EPUB, PDF, SONY, MOBI, LIT, PALM, etc.)
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                (Lesley_Brown) Level 1
                Hi Arvinder, thanks for replying but I don't think you quite got what I was asking. The epubs I'm creating are opening fine and the thumbnail image I'm getting on the left hand side bar is just of a blank, grey book. I've tried anchoring images on the first page of the indesign file as I've heard that the epub automatically makes the first page of the document the cover image, but still it's grey book, not even a snapshot of the text/title. The images are displaying fine in the document they're just not cover images!

                Where do you create/upload the cover image into the epub? Do you do it in the exporting process from Indesign or is it something you have to manually put in the unzipped file? Thanks for any help.
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                  Hi Brown,

                  Ok, See there is an OPF file in the OEBPS folder, just check if the thumbnail image is mentioned over there or not. Whatever you read is all standardized by OPF.

                  Can you send me your title to check it. I will definately sort out your issue.

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                    (Lesley_Brown) Level 1
                    Thanks - though I've been able to open them in the past currently the content OPF file won't launch for me, no error message just nothing happening. Please email me lesley@allisonandbusby.com and I'll happily send it over for you to look at.
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                      Hi Lesley--


                      If you're still working on this, you might take a look at this thread--I posted what we're doing, which isn't working perfectly, but does get a thumbnail to display..




                      (Hoping you solved your issue weeks ago and no longer need this...)



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                        Hi there,


                        I've got the cover page working fine in ADE, but I notice that when your in the Library view of ADE, it tries to resize the coverpage image, causing cropping in some cases, and a very ugly looking jaggedy image (i.e. not properly resized/resampled).


                        Does anyone know if its possible to include a correctly resized image in the epub file, so that ADE will use this instead of trying to resize its own?




                        - Alex