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    text from tables missing!!


      I have single cell tables, which have a large amount of text. Hence the table cell text should flow to the next page. After checking outputs in digital editions, I found out that the table-cell data is shown only on the first page. After that, the whole text is missing, which was supposed to flow to next page. So cell-text over-flowing to next page is not supported?
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          This problem is still present in 2016 with the latest version of ADE. This needs to be fixed. How can you say you have 3.0 support when you don't even have 2.0 support. Fix this! If a cell can't fit on a page then it is chopped off. The more cells you have in a row the more often it will happen but even one cell will cause the problem if there is too much data. The rest of the cell should be displayed on the next page or vertical scrolling of the page should be available to see the rest.