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    Adobe Digital Editions 1.5 Install issues

      Adobe digital editions 1.5
      O/S WinXPsp3
      Problem 1 .Program installs part of the program to one of the temp files. Every time I clean the temp files it deletes enough of the program that it will not start. After the temp files are deleted the program is still listed in the add remove programs applet in the control panel. It is not the firewall or AV as I have whited listed the program thinking that maybe that is what it was that was doing it.
      Problem 2 even after reinstalling the program the site I use to download the books does not recognize that the program is installed. I am unsure if this is an Active x issue but I see no active x in the system that I can relate to this program.
      I am at a loss. The only work around I have found is annoying. Reinstalling the software every time I want to view one of my e books.
      If it was not needed for school it would not be as big of a pain in the @#$.
      Thanks in advance for any help provided