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    Exporting Problems In Adobe Premiere CS 3

      In Adobe Premiere CS 3 When I Export Video In Microsoft Avi With Video Compressor some codecs work like Wmv,Cinepack,Indeo 5.10 but the following Video codecs don't work properly They are as follows:
      ffd video show
      Mpeg 1 & 2 video

      The only codecs mentioned above have problems as when i export videos the video gets choppy and gray and ffd video show even fails to compile this have been happening from the time the first adobe Premiere Version was released but now I thought to use it again as I thought that Adobe may have rectified the problems in Adobe Premiere Cs3 Can Any one help me to solve this problem...I am also using codec pack name K-lite 4.1.7 but the problem of this is not caused by the codec pack...too.So I need your suggestions...