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    PDF opens with text & colors, no pictures..

      I downloaded a guide from FilePlanet which is in partnership with Adobe I deduced, because there is absolutely no other way to open any of their files except with Digital Editions, and their website tells you directly that this is the only program that will open their files. Once you download it, you cannot redownload it. This is for all strategy guides and other magazines they offer for downloads.

      I downloaded 2 guides and I already had Acrobat Reader 8, all up to date with Adobe Updater (since I use Photoshop all the time), and I installed DE, it opens the guides fine but there is just words, all the pictures of games and what not are not there, it's just words and layout colors and patterns. And I'm 90% positive even not all the words are there.

      Any ideas? p.s. I am running on a Windows machine.