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    Adobe ID/.net passport conflict

      Work pc with Acrobat 7.0 Pro was previously authorized with .net passport. Recently authorized home pc with Digital Editions with Adobe ID. Would like to deauthorize Acrobat on work pc and then reauthorize it with my Adobe ID, thereby having both systems in sync with each other. Ctrl/Alt/D works for DE but not for Acrobat.

      Anyone know how to deauthorize Acrobat??
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          As a follow up, I deactivated DE on my work pc. Then I logged in my Adobe ID, hid my Acrobat activation, tried to reactivate (which it said was successful), but when I tried to open an ebook from within Acrobat I get this message:

          "Here's the problem and how to solve it:
          You have tried to open an Digital Edition that was downloaded to another computer. You can open such a document on two computers only when you have activated Adobe Reader or Acrobat on both computers using the same Microsoft .NET Passport or Adobe ID.
          Problem: This computer and the computer to which the document was downloaded were activated using different .NET Passports or Adobe IDs.
          Solution: Return to the retailer, library, or other location where you acquired the document and obtain permission to open it on this computer."

          So I tried to open DE in order to reactive for functionality purposes but I get this message:
          E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032

          Now I am dead in the water! How do I get functionality on both pc's??? I want to use only my Adobe ID, if possible. I am very uphappy with this program!!!!