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    What happened to full screen and being able to rotate?

      Considering that in the last two weeks I have had to update Adobe Digital Editions twice, I understand that it is currently a work in progress. I just wondered if maybe the ability to go to a full screen view, rotate the document counterclockwise or clockwise, and be able to go to the next page with a click instead of the arrow keys could be re-incorporated into the next edition. I really liked being able to see the whole page as large as I could and not be distracted by all the other things on my toolbar. The ability to rotate was nice as well, because if I had a book with smaller font I could rotate the image, which would make the font larger, and hold my laptop like a book. I don't really use the zoom features because I read too fast for the scroll function. Overall, I do feel pretty disappointed with the direction that digital editions is going. I really liked the way that the older version had more document manipulation. Now, it is pretty much the same as using mobipocket reader, which is a bit of a letdown.