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    Can't seem to download the new 1.6 version

      Could use some help/advice. I have bought several of my school books that are in DRM'd ebook format. Anyway this morning when I tried to open a book with DE 1.5 I get a pop up about there being a new version of Digital editions and am given the choice to either close DE 1.5 or upgrade it. If I click the upgrade option nothing happens. Went to the website for digital editions and there is a button for launching the upgrade but when I click that it just trys to open DE 1.5 and I get the same pop-up window. I cant seem to find any way to get past this point. I called TS and got bounced around for over an hour and one person suggested I simply uninstall 1.5 and then go to the dl page and install 1.6 but am worried I'll loose my paid for school books , which were not cheap.Is there some way to safely save my books, I see I do have a folder on my doc's folder called "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Digital Editions\ebx_backup" but not sure if thats all I would need or are there some other files I should also copy to ensure 1.6 can open my books? Went ahead and did send a trouble ticket to TS & am waiting now to hear from TS in case they have another sugestion. In the alternative does anyone have a download link for the update file so I can do it on my own as is outlined in the KB article for Vista install issues?