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    I got a message about downloading an update, but on the dnld page it says it's windows only (I'm on

      Okay, first of all hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully answer if you can!

      I have just bought an ebook off of ebooks.com on photographing food (don't ask lol) which I need for finishing up this project 'til the weekend, and as bad luck would have it, when I try to download it right when digital editions launches I get this message saying I need to download the update or I can't use Digital editions anymore.

      Of course I clicked Get Update, which brought me to a page where I could supposedly download this, only under the button it said 'The free download (4.3MB, Windows® version) takes less than a minute to install over a broadband connection'. The trouble is I'm running mac, so what do I do--click on the button and hope for the best, or do I have to resign myself not to use the lovely digital editions anymore? (that would be a bummer, especially now since I don't have time to get a book like that at the bookstore). I suppose the question would be, when they say '4.3 MB windows version, does it mean 'we're telling you the size of the more commonly used windows version' or does it mean that they're telling you the size of the ONLY version available?

      I'm sorry if this hardy makes any sense :p I've tried my best for now--having to shoot a bunch of food indoors when you usually shoot buildings and people outdoors kinda makes a girl's brains all pureed--but I'll try again if I see that people can't figure out what I'm on about :p

      Anyway, thanks in advance!