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    Digital Editions on iRex Digital Reader 1000?


      iRex Technologies has just released their second generation e-reader, the Digital Reader 1000 (DR1000), with a 10.2 inch diagonal screen. They have a framework called the Universal Document Shell that allows 3rd parties to write document viewers that will plug into the DR1000. The DR1000 software development kit will be available the 1st week of October. Please port Digital Editions to the DR1000. I have been holding off on making too many DE purchases (only have 2 so far) until a larger screened reader came out. Its here but I now need to wait longer now for it to have ADE.



      DR1000 product page

      An excerpt from the DR1000 FAQ

      Q: Will there be any additional formats supported in the future and how will this work?
      A: Yes I imagine that additional format support will be added over time. We have separated functions from formats. A specific content format is rendered in the memory by a small rendering engine. The functions like zoom or bookmark are controlled by our Universal Document Shell or UDS. The UDS will load the correct rendering engine and tells it which page to render in the memory. When a specific function is not available for a specific format (e.g. increase font size in PDF), the UDS will disable this function in the menu.
      This way third party developers will be able to easy add content plug-ins, which will be stored on the memory as add-ons. The advantage of this approach is that the user experience and interface will be consistent over all applications. Currently we support a PDF, Mobipocket, TXT and image plug-in.