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    Transfer Ebook to device

      I purchased an Ebook from McGraw-Hill while on my home computer. In the process of purchasing it, I was prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions, which I did. I am able to open the ebook on my home computer with Digital Editions, but I would like to copy/transfer the Ebook on to a CD or device. I copied the entire Digital Editions file, including the Ebook, onto a CD, but when I open the CD on another computer it does not include the Ebook.

      How can copy the Ebook onto a CD/device and/or have access to the Ebook from a computer other than my home computer?

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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          First, please read the content portability section of http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/faq/. You can do this, but it's very important that you activate Digital Editions with an Adobe ID.

          Also, you'll need to use the same AdobeID to activate on BOTH computers.

          After that it's just a matter of following the instructions in Digital Editions help:


          Bentley Wolfe
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            Nice to read about needing the same id on both devices. I just bought a book, got an ID and now it turns out my ebook reader has another id. Very nice! I wish, very much wish, that we (as in everyone on this mudball) would finally stop with this utterly stupid DRM crap. Now I have to spend time finding out how it is disabled so I can read the book I bought on the device I want to read it. I don't want DRM. No one I know wants DRM. DRM is customer unfriendly to put it mildly!