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    Digital Editions and mandatory roaming profile

      I work at a UK University, where we provide a large number of open access computers. We set up our users with limited accounts and a mandatory roaming user profile that does not get written back to the server upon logout.

      Clearly this has issues for the use of Digital Editions, and in particular accessing inter-library loans from the British Library.

      My question is, what needs to be in place in the user's profile (both in the sense of files/folders and registry entries) for the seamless operation of Digital Editions to take place? At present, if the user selects a DRM-ebook, Adobe Reader 8 opens, then they get shunted to the Adobe site to launch Digital Editions, DE runs, but nothing seems to happen. Only on the second attempt does the ebook open. If it is possible to use Digital Editions seamlessly with mandatory roaming profiles, I'd be grateful if someone could be point me in the right direction!

      Colette Monaghan,
      University of Hertfordshire
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          I am having the same problem at the University of Warwick in the UK. We subscribe to www.Vault.com and all of the content is DRM protected.

          Our IT services recently upgraded the work area PC's to Adobe Reader 8x This is causing real problems for the Careers centre who keep getting students who cannot open the vault guides in the work areas.

          Each student has a mandatory profile and the My Documents folder is re-directed to a mapped home drive H:\ that is on a storage area network.

          I have found (in some cases) that manually creating a folder in the H:\ drive called "My Digital Editions" allows digital editions to install and then save the down loaded content in this folder. To be honest is is a big P.I.T.A that the Digital Editions software cannot be published as an administrative install rather than installed from the Adobe web site.
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            We are working on an administrative install, but it will not be in the next release. However, there was a bug in 1.0 that prevented DE from working properly on systems that where the users My Documents folder was mapped to a network drive. That bug is fixed in DE 1.5, which is now available in Beta here http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/digitaleditions/
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              Ric, Can you give us any clue as to how long we will have to wait for an administrative install? I've have ben asking this question for quite a while now! We need to upgrade our Adobe Reader from 7 and I am loath to give my approval if students have to download DE each and every time they log-in when they need to run British Library SED's. For colleagues in the UK, you need to advise open access users with My Documents on mapped drives to ensure that there is a least 5Mb of free space for SEDs to work efficiently! Graham, University of Plymouth, UK
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                Has anyone tried using the standalone installer now available here ?


                Does it resolve these problems?