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    no record of this loan is found on this machine

      I have two computer, one running Windows Vista and one is a Macbook running OS-X. I have Digital Editions (latest version) installed on both computers. They are both authorized to my email address. I have confirmed that they do both show the same correct email address when I click on "authorize this computer".

      I have checked out a book from the library on my Windows computer and it works fine. I copied the .PDF file from My Documents of this computer into the Digital Editions folder of the Mac. However, when I try to add this book to the Digital Editions library it says "No record for this loan is found on this machine"

      On the Windows computer I can see by clicking info that it says "Allow viewing: on any device until Oct 3, 2008 4:28 PM".

      So I don't understand what is wrong here... I have both computer authorized, the book information indicates it allows viewing on any device. What do I need to do so the Macbook can successfully open the PDF? I thought it would not need a loan information on each machine if each machine was authorized to the same email address.