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    Too many authorizations for my account

      I have an e-book that requires Adobe Digital Editions to view it. I am using computers at school which have windows xp because I have no home computer. I have bought this e-book twice, spending 100 dollars on the same book because my original user name had too many activations. So I bought the book again and signed in under a different user name and password. Now I have two user accounts, and two of the same textbooks and cant view any of them because my computer is saying too many activations for both user names. I have contacted a customer representative who couldn't help me at all but gave me a case # 201283247 and customer id number 165977143. My email address is cortlz13@aol.com and dnycuk@yahoo.com. I need to get access to this book today and need my account updated so it does not say too many activations anymore. Thanks for your help.