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    Printing looks like crap since I was forced into updating Digital Editions.

      I never liked this program to begin with, and after fighting with the software for a long time on my Macintosh with it randomly crashing and just out right closing itself, I determined that the only way to read my Digital Editions eBook was going to be to remove it from digital editions, so I printed it as a PDF and read the PDF happily and move on.

      Today I bought a second eBook and was forced pretty well at gunpoint to upgrade (seriously, what kind of *crap* is this?? What if I don't have administrator rights? Nobody should EVER be FORCED to upgrade something... the auto updater for Adobe CS3 is already intrusive enough!)

      Now that I've upgraded printing both to a PDF and a regular printer is unacceptably blurry and compressed looking. This has to be the worst experience ever with Adobe software and I've been using Adobe software since Photoshop 3.0 on a Macintosh Quadra 605. I PAID to be able to PRINT my eBook and the printout it yields is unacceptable. Nobody could read what the new digital editions prints out and not get a headache from it. The eBook is vector text, the print command should send that vector text to the printer!

      How can I either make my printed eBook look legible or get all my money back from the eBooks that have now changed from being printable to non-printable? (And I do consider anything from Digital Editions to now be "non printable" since the printout isn't worth anything.)