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    Digital Editions and PRS-505

      I am unable to drag and drop ebooks in my eLibrary. On Digital editions I can see the PRS-505 and its contents. When I try to drag and drop I am told I have to "authorise" the reader - how? the computer is authorised but I do not get asked to "authorise" the reader.
      I have tried everything I can think of including a restore and reloading everything. I have purchased 3 books (one after each reload just in case the it only works with new downloads) I am getting zero support from Waterstones or Sony - can anyone help me please
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          Just installed DE for use with my Sony PRS5. It went well until I tried to read a downloaded book. When matched up page-for-page with my computer, the font is so small I can barely read it (69 year old eyes). But, when I adjust page size on my Sony, I end up with lot of gaps and empty pages. Anyone??????
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            Beth Bakeman

            Not sure I'm following.. You've activated Digital Editions, and you can read the content when it's inside of ADE????

            And then you get another activation message when you drag and drop the book to the PRS-505 library.

            Am I getting that correctly?


            Bentley Wolfe
            Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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              I have installed ADE and set up authorisation for my computer.
              I can download ebooks from waterstones
              I can read the book on ADE and eLibrary but when I try and drag the book to the Sony Reader I get a message telling me that I need to "authorise" the reader. I cannot find any drop-down or anywhere that I can do that.
              The Sony Reader appears in the library column on ADE and I can see all the content already loaded on the reader as I can on eLibrary BUT I cannot transfer ebooks to the Reader
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                reply to Bentley

                yes to question 1
                yes to question 2 - but it will not let me drag and drop to PRS-505 as it says I need to authorise the reader.
                On ADE if I go to the drop down headed Library and click on "authorise comtuter" it tells me the computer is already authorised but there is nothing about the reader.
                Am I doing something really dumb or what.

                Note: When I installed from the disc there were two sections 1. eLibrary and 2. Adobe digital editions. I have seen references to loading Software and Firmware - have I missed something?
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                  Beth Bakeman Level 1

                  I'm not sure where to go with this. For starters, I'd say update your PRS-505 firmware and try it again.

                  You should be able to link to the Sony support site from here:
                  http://news.sel.sony.com/en/press_room/consumer/computer_peripheral/e_book/release/36245.h tml


                  Bentley Wolfe
                  Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                    Jim Lester Level 4
                    Most likely the error message is telling you that the Sony Reader is authorized to a different AdobeID. A Sony Reader can only be authorized to one AdobeID, and if it is different than the AdobeID that you have authorized Digital Editions with then transferring content will not work.

                    If this is indeed what the error message says, you should be able to from the error message authorize with your Digital Editions AdobeID. Or if that doesn't work out you can Deauthorize the reader by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E.

                    This will deauthorize and should ask you to authorize again (if it doesn't unplug and replug the Reader) and DE will ask you to authorize the Reader when it finds it again.

                    Jim Lester
                    Adobe Systems
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                      I have returned the reader and asked for a replacement as no response seems to understand the problem I have had. I hope to have better luck with the replacement.