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    Digital Editions "sucks the sweat off a deadman's back"

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      I do not understand whether or not Digital Editions is flawed as a result of technical retardation on the part of its developers (unlikely), or because it represents a triumph somehow of the rights of publishers over those that pay for access to that published content.

      The reason for doubting that the crippling navigational and other shortcomings of the product as a result of profound programming retardation comes as a result of comparing Digital Editions to Reader, Acrobat, and so forth. I guess it's cool to play at communist until the folks cutting the bigger check object.

      I just spent for instance 85 bucks on an electronic text for a law class. The scrolling, inability to copy any text whatsoever, even though I can easily type out what I need in a time-consuming manner, the almost horrificly bad resizing tools and behaviours, I just don't know where to start.

      Let me just finish by offering both a hearty and sincere, "thanks for a piece of crap".
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