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    Left-aligning lists

      I have a style for procedural steps called ProcStep. It's simply a numbered list with paragraph formatting above and below and the left-margin set to 0. However, when the style is applied, the numbered list is indented (the default). I want the numbers to be aligned with the left margin. Right now I am telling writers to click the Decrease Indent button but I really would like to eliminate this step by aligning it in the style itself. I tried modifying the "lists" style as well but with no luck. Any info is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
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          three_penguins Level 1
          Take a look at the code. It may be that the ordered list does not have the correct class assigned like <ol class="ProcStep"></ol>. My experience has been that using a separate editor (Dreamweaver) makes it easier to control the html code and keep it clean than when trying to edit within RoboHelp.

          Another possibility may be that the style sheet default.css (or whatever yours is named) does not have the properties for the ordered list set up the way you expected.
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            CharlotteNJ11 Level 1
            Thanks Esch - I usually do not edit the true code and therefore am not sure what I'm looking for. This is the ordered list: I'm not sure where the <ol class="ProcStep"></ol> would go:


            <li style="margin-left: -20px;"
            class=kadov-p-CProcStep><p class=ProcStep>Step one of procedure</p></li>

            <li style="margin-left: -20px;"
            class=kadov-p-CProcStep><p class=ProcStep>Step two of procedure
            followed by a table listing of fields:</p></li>


            The .css sheet entry for ProcStep says:

            P.ProcStep {
            list-style: decimal;
            margin-left: 0in;
            margin-bottom: 3pt;

            Any input appreciated - thanks!
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              MergeThis Level 4
              The ProcStep style is affecting the P tag, BUT it's wrapped within the OL tag, which is an HTML element.

              See Snippet 50 at Peter Grainge's site.

              Good luck,