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      1. In all editors you can undo. But in Digital Editions when you click on e.g. a page number, or search, you have to remember the exact position where you clicked because there's no other way to go back. You can not "undo jumping".
      When you're reading a novel it is probably no problem but when I'm reading philosophy I'm jumping around in the book.

      2. It does not remember the correct position of the window when the program is closed.

      3. Can I change the menu-color ? I don't like white on black.

      4. If you zoom until you see only half of the page and start searching a word it brings you to the page the word is in. But if the word is in the bottom half it doesn't scroll you to the word.

      5. The menu doesn't have a horizontal scrollbar.

      6. Can I change the mousecursor to a hand so I can scroll like in PDF's in the webbrowser ?