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    Mark pen feature!

      A mark pen feature would be great.
      When reading important papers, the ability to mark text that is interesting would be very valuable.

      Do you have an programming api that enables you to create plugins?
      probably not when it is Flash right?
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          (Captain_Cook) Level 1
          I concur. I purchased Adobe Acrobat Professional in order to be able to underline, circle, etc text and now I find myself with (way too expensive) e-books that won't allow me anything. This is completely outrageous. As long as this problem isn't fixed, I refuse to buy any DRM-protected books.

          Oh and if Adobe tries to give me the "it's all the fault of the editor!"-excuse: can someone please explain me how marking a text is in conflict with the intellectual property rights on a book? I don't pay for books to have them sit on my hard drive. They are work instruments for me.
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            Jim Lester Level 4
            With ADE you can add notes and highlight text, by selecting a piece of text and then doing one of:
            - Selecting "Add Bookmark" from the Reading menu
            - Clicking on the "Add Bookmark" button
            - Using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-B (Windows), Cmd-B (Mac)

            Underlining is not currently supported.

            Jim Lester
            Adobe Systems
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              BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

              This comes up a lot, so i made a new public technote covering the topic. The URL will be:


              Bentley Wolfe
              Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions