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    .acsm file format converter??

      I paid for an ebook in the .acsm ( Adobe Digital Edition) format and did read it very well and it wont load into my sony reader as I only have the 500 not the new one. Is there any way to change the file format to either .pdf or .txt??? Because I would really like to read this book.

      Thanks for any replies.
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          The .acsm file isn't the book - it a purchase ticket that allows you to download the book.
          In Digital Editions you can find the path to the book in the Item Info dialog. You can bring up the Item Info dialog from the Reading Menu (in Reading View) or pressing Ctrl+I (Cmd+I on the Mac).

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            Level 1
            Thanks for that. I still have an issue, I have found teh downloaded file but when I open it with adobe reader 8 it just pops up a web page telling me to download digital edition. So I cant read it in adobe reader :(
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              Jim Lester Level 4
              This is expected. Content Server 4 protected ebooks can not be opened in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and can only be opened in Digital Editions.

              Jim Lester
              Adobe Systems
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                I tried double-clicking the eBook I purchased and it brought up ADE, <Initializing>, "Error getting license, license server communication problem, e-lic-resource unknown" error message is received.<br /><br />I tried accessing directly through ADE, and I can not see the eBook in the dialog box.<br /><br />TYIA!!<br /><br />Dave
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                  Here is the trick: The "acsm" file is just the KEY to get access to your new ebook... so is like this --- key + door = ebook

                  your key: acsm (file)

                  your door: is the adobe digital edition

                  your ebook: double click in your acsm (file)

                  and that's it...just remember to make the new adobe program work you have to sign in with adobe the installation wizard it will ask you for that

                  good luck

                  atte CIRDATIGO
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                    David's problem is same as mine. Adobe Digital Edition is installed, and double clicking 'acsm' file gets the same error message. As follows:

                    IO Error on Network Request.
                    Please check your network connection and try again.

                    Network Path:
                    http://ebook.lightningsource.com/TitleDownload/LSCFD.dll?hdlr=ADEPT&sku=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&r=x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                    Event Detail:
                    Error #2038
                    --- end ---

                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - replaced actual details
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                      Jim Lester Level 4

                      That error indicates that DE couldn't get at that web site. Typical problems for this include general connectivity, firewalls between the site and you, and personal firewalls on the system blocking DE in specific.

                      I would try to get at http://ebook.lightningsource.com in a web browser, and when you get that to succeed, you will probably need to contact tech support for the place where you bought the book from and get them to reissue you a new .acsm file.

                      Jim Lester
                      Adobe Systems
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                        Level 1
                        Hi Jim

                        Thanks for the reply. I should have added that I had already checked my connections. I was able to access http://ebook.lightningsource.com, so it must be something else. Possibly a link problem from the supplier?! I have contacted them as suggested.

                        Kind regards
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                          Jim Lester Level 4
                          If you are able to get to the site in the browser, but are still getting the 2038 error in DE, the next most likely problem is that an application level firewall on your computer such as (but not limited to) ZoneAlarm (Windows) or Little Snitch (Mac) is preventing DE from making an outgoing HTTP connection. Please check your computer configuration for any such programs and if they exist, enable outgoing connections for DE.

                          Another less likely possibility is that you are using a proxy connection to the Internet, and have it set up correctly for your preferred browser but not for the system as a whole. For instance if you are using Firefox, also check to make sure can get to the site using IE (Win) or Safari (Mac).

                          If this still doesn't work, I would suggest that you open up a support case, so that Bentley and crew can get more information form you (and so that this can be tracked appropriately).

                          Jim Lester
                          Adobe Systems
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                            Level 1
                            Hi Jim

                            I had an old copy of Little Snitch which had been installed but not used. I deleted the program restarted and download worked fine.

                            Thanks for your help
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                              i bought an acsm book pretending it to be pdf....i installed DE and its ok but is there a way to convert it to pdf and print it as it is inconvenient for me to read digitally

                              many thanks

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                                Its bit irritating to read books in DE for me, is there any possibility to convert it to PDF document.
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                                  Jim Lester Level 4
                                  salaithenaganj, dorita.

                                  The document you are viewing in ADE, is most likely is a PDF document. However your real question is, "Can I view a Adobe DRM'd document (.ePub or PDF) in a program other than Adobe Digital Editions"

                                  And the answer is: No.

                                  Jim Lester
                                  Adobe Systems
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                                    When I tried downloading an ebook that I just purchased, I got a message indicating I could not download the book because it was in .acsm or the link was bad. I tried downloading the most current adobe digital editions but was unable to because it is incompatible with my current operating system (MAC OS X 10.3.9). What can I do now?
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                                      Jim Lester Level 4
                                      I would talk to whoever you bought the book from and see if you can get a refund. You will only be able to view the resulting file with Adobe Digital Editions, and as you noted the ADE requires 10.4 or above.

                                      Jim Lester
                                      Adobe Systems
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                                        I traied to open the ebook with adobe digital but it give me this error
                                        Error geting license
                                        license server communication problem

                                        do anyone know the solution?
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                                          Is the ADE on MACs detecting the sony reader to transfer the ACMS files on the reader, because i am tryinf if i doing it on a PC the ADE detecs the reader and i can authorize the reader on my account. but this is on a PC, what do i need to do in MACS. How can i transfer the ACSM file to the sony reader?.
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                                            Jim Lester Level 4
                                            As mentioned previously in this thread, the .acsm file is not your ebook, but just a key that will allow you (by using ADE) to get your ebook which will be either a PDF or ePub file.

                                            The files line in your Digital Editions directory.

                                            In order for the Sony Reader to display content (either PDF or ePub) with Adobe DRM the Reader must first be authorized. Since Sony does not provide the necessary drivers for this for Mac you will only be able to do this on a Windows machine.

                                            Once you have the Sony Reader authorized, you will need to copy files directly to the Sony Reader using the Finder (note if you have the 500 model, you are out of luck).

                                            One more note: if the content is from a Library it will not be transferrable from a Mac to the Sony Reader (again this can only happen from a Windows machine).
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                                              Alberto Cirigo & Jim Lester , many thanks, ur info was exactly what I needed to get access to my ebook.
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                                                i have purchased an ebook in acsm format. I have ADE 1.7 installed.

                                                When i click on the ebook it opens up ADE but is not available to read.

                                                Any suggestions?

                                                edit: i have now registered with ADE but im now getting a message as MichaelF got.

                                                ill try and sort out connections and see if that works
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                                                  I started out with this problem but have fallen at the next fence
                                                  I have followed the instructions Adobe sent me and am still no further forward.
                                                  In the instructions it says plug in you Sony eReader and Digital Editions will detect it.
                                                  It does not.
                                                  If I select "Library" - Authorise Computer...
                                                  It tells me that my laptop is already authorised.
                                                  I have spoken to Sony and the eReader is working perfectly.
                                                  I have the book Bill Hybels - Just walk across the room in my Digital
                                                  Editions. I can read it in ADE but cannot transfer it to my Sony eReader.
                                                  I also have it in my eBook library but if I try to drag and drop it into the reader (which eBook Library can see) it gives the following message
                                                  "To transfer this eBook you must first authorise the Reader for Adobe DRM
                                                  protected content. Would you like to launch Adobe Digital Editions"
                                                  Yes/No. If I select yes it opens Adobe Digital Editions and I am back
                                                  where I started.
                                                  Please please help as I am getting very frustraited.
                                                  Someone must know the answer.
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                                                    I have a problem accessing .acsm files. Ironically, I can open PDF files on Acrobat Reader and ADE 1.7 but the eBooks with .acsm symbol can't be open. I have tried everything advised here but still no luck. This has happen to me countless times and I keep getting the message: "error getting license. Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO".
                                                    I have contacted the support center of the site from where I purchased my eBook but they said the problem's not on their end. Also, everytime I open an eBook, a PDF imprint of it would appear in the 'My Digital Editions' folder and they're the ones that I can open later on but I can't open the .acsm original in the path I designated for them ('eBooks'). Apart from the first successful attempt to open the eBook (usually after days and numerous tries), I can only access the book from the PDF imprint. Most won't open at all. Please help!!!!
                                                    I have already contacted Adobe Support Centre but have yet to get a reply.
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                                                      I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions, then downloaded the urllink.acsm file. When I double click on the file it does nothing. How do I get it to open?

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                                                        I'm annoyed, because the ebook I bought listed the format as ".pdf" only--not "Digital Editions .pdf" or ".acsm," etc. I like to convert my ebooks for use on whichever device I choose after I legally purchase them, which is not possible with a Digital Editions ebook. Once I've purchased a legitimate copy of an ebook, I should be able to use it as I please for my own use. The book was expensive for an ebook, also. I contacted the vendor, twice, but they never responded to me. I'm not interested in using Digital Editions for my purchased content. So, I've now paid too much for a book I'm not allowed to read as I see fit. This is very frustrating. I've learned my lesson, however. Before I purchase from an ebook vendor, I contact them first to make sure the book I purchase isn't locked by Digital Editions first. If so, I don't purchase it. If there were a way to "unlock" my purchased ebook (so it would be accessible as a standard .pdf), I'd have no problem with Digital Editions.

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                                                          Hey, I had the same problem - I was trying to download an e-book in a Safari browser, and the .acsm file would download, I'd double click it, and nothing would happen.  I was so frustrated and there didn't seem to be any answer as to why, so I tried downloading it again in Firefox.  In Firefox it asks you what program you want to open the file with, and as long as you've downloaded and authorised Adobe Digital Editions it should come up as the first option... just click yes and there you go!  Hope this helps...

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                                                            ichanet Level 1

                                                            Thanks for trying to help! I actually have a mobile reader that I 

                                                            really like that uses/converts standard .pdf documents, and I bought 

                                                            the .pdf book for that purpose. There was no disclaimer on the site I 

                                                            bought the book from that the .pdf could ONLY be opened through 

                                                            Digital Editions. I wanted to convert the .pdf I paid for use on my 

                                                            portable, as I have all my other .pdf ebooks, which Digital Editions 

                                                            does not allow. If there had been a disclaimer, I'd have no one to 

                                                            blame but myself, but, as there was no mention of Digital Editions, I 

                                                            was blatantly mislead. I contacted the vendor twice, but they never 

                                                            answered my inquiry. I'm just more careful now, and refuse to purchase 

                                                            any ebook bundled with Digital Editions.


                                                            Really, though, thanks for trying to help.

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                                                              Davjohn1 Level 1

                                                              You're welcome, and I'm sorry you had that problem. I'm still having the original problem with the .acsm files. I've given up. As soon as I find my one and only book in that format I am going to see if it will cross over. Otherwise I'll download it to another reader. Either way, I'm uninstalling the Adobe Digital Editions. I found the Microsoft eBook Reader and the Sony eBook reader. Both work well, and they might read your .pdf files. They read some of mine. Good luck.

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                                                                See my post here!  I hope this helps you!



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                                                                  Is there a way to convert the current format of Adobe ebooks to something other than the format they come in (acsm) to read them on something other than our computers?   I still can't get over how Adobe left all of us who love to read books on our pdas high and dry by switching everything at the end of March.  They also screwed themselves, because they'll lose money from those of us who would have bought the Adobe ebooks not buying them because we can't read them on our pdas.

                                                                  • 30. Re: .acsm file format converter??

                                                                    You are fantastic!!! Thank you so much! I sent a note to Adobe and then found out I was going to have to wait up to 3 days for a response... and my homework is due today :-) Your double-click recommendation worked like a charm. Greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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                                                                      I've just bought a Sony PRS-505 and loaded Adobe Digital Editions within the last few days.  Regrets - I have a few ...


                                                                      Decided to pick up a "free" book from Adobe which resulted in a file URLLink.ascm being placed in "My Documents".  Tried "Add to Library" in DE but the .ascm file does not show in DE.  Further to this, having read Jim Lester's comments (seems to be the mainstay of this forum), I tried to go into "Read" mode in DE.  I cannot do it.  Clicked the "Read" icon and tried Ctrl+l.  Should I uninstall DE and re-install and, if I re-install will I have to authorise the computer again.


                                                                      Please advise - thanks

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                                                                        Jim Lester Level 4

                                                                        As mentioned in multiple places in this thread.  Double click the .acsm file to open it in ADE and your eBook will be downloaded.

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                                                                          adenovel Level 1

                                                                          To : Jim Lester


                                                                          Thank you for your prompt reply.  I have now downloaded the book to PRS-505 but I had to do this in a different way.


                                                                          Tried double-clicking the .acsm file in "My Documents" which, of course, just resulted in thw Windows dialogue saying this type of file not recognised.  So I dragged and dropped the .acsm from "My Documents" into ADE and from there transferred to PRS-505.


                                                                          I'm obviously still not sure how to use ADE but have a workable solution.


                                                                          Thanks again

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                                                                            adenovel Level 1

                                                                            Removed duplicate message


                                                                            Message was edited by: adenovel

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                                                                              ive pretty much had the same problems accecpt when i click on the ascm file and it go into abode digital editions and its says  Error getting license.. Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_10 ... i dont know want that means put ive everthing to get it working and it wont ..  can someone help me please or tell me want im doing wrong

                                                                              • 36. Re: .acsm file format converter??

                                                                                Did all that and it STILL asks me what program to open it with and none are working

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                                                                                  Manny 56

                                                                                  Jim, no thanks for the condescending tone. We are asking why ACE books cannot be read by other apps like, e.g., Acrobat Reader. I will save you the answer: it's because Adobe said so. Period.


                                                                                  I posted today a new thread on the same subject, with emphasis on the the misleading use by Adobe of the name "PDF" and the file extension ".pdf".

                                                                                  • 38. Re: .acsm file format converter??

                                                                                    This infuriates me as well; I made the mistake of purchasing one of my grad school business texts as an eBook and downloaded it to my work computer. I thought I would be able to print it and bring it with me on my commutes, doing laundry, etc. I paid as much for it as a real book and can't do sh*t with it. I know you can "authorize" a computer, sure, then I could read it at home that way. IF I WANT TO SIT IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER/DEVICE all day. I do not like reading texts on screen, period, if they are over 5 pages. We also retain less information from texts that are read on screen as opposed to printed out so maybe for light reading I wouldn't care but for academic reading, this is completely absurd to be stuck with something that only opens in DE that I cannot take with me, write notes in, etc. Furthermore, this text for whatever reason blocked printing directly through the DE interface as well. I HATE DE and am starting to wonder about the publishers choosing to use this format! This whole mobile book reading is crap. I will never, EVER purchase a DE "eBook" again for my work or grad school needs.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: .acsm file format converter??
                                                                                      Manny 56 Level 1

                                                                                      I'm angry too, but in a more constructive way. I bought my two ADE textbooks from eBooks.com. I complained and asked for a refund, they answered yesterday saying I will get refunded (when?).


                                                                                      As for ebooks, I am much wiser now. From now on, I will purchase ebooks only via my iPad. That way, I know they will be compatible. So far, I was successful with the Amazon Kindle app, the Kobo app and the iBooks app from Apple. If and when Adobe writes apps for the iPad, I will have a look again.


                                                                                      And, of course, the iPad can read garden variety PDF files (i.e. not screwed up by DE), which is great for professional publications like scientific papers.


                                                                                      As for you study books, I remember being a pennyless student not so long ago and share your frustration. You should discuss this with your school librarian. I think they can loan ebooks to students. But I think your best bet is still second hand paper textbooks.


                                                                                      Manny in Canada


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