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        I can not find where my ebook is. I found the .acsm file but it does not show up in ADE. How do I get it to show up there?

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          As I said in an earlier eMail, I too had exactly the same problem. Here is how I resolved it. First I deleted ADE. Then using Finder I went to the Library>preferences and found an Adobe preference file with the extension .plist. I deleted that file also. Then I re-installed ADE from the Adobe website and guess what....success!


          Try it and see if it works for you.

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            Last year I borrowed  an ebook or two from my local library and read  them on my pc.  This time the only way I could read the ebooks from my  library was to download Adobe Digital Edition. The ebooks are still epub/pdf files, but with this acsm attached.


            Although my library says that Nookcolor can read their epub and  pdf file books, I was having trouble doing so.  The ebooks wouldn't open.  BandN told me to  download Adobe DE, upload the ebook to DE, attach my nook, then drag the ebook to my Nookcolor.  I did this and now I am able to read epub/pdf books with the acsm extension on my Nookcolor.


            Try this and it should solve your problem. Any acsm ebook you want to read on your reading device will have to be uploaded to DE and drug to your reader after attaching it to your pc/laptop.


            Hope this helps.



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              sandyscott Level 1

              I was hoping that this would work, because I had not deleted that file in the

              library preferences. So I deleted the ADE and that other file with the.plist

              extention. I reinstalled ADE and tried to download a book and once again it did

              not show up. I even tried to put the .acsm file on the desktop and opened ADE

              and tried to add item. The .acsm file is not recognized as a file to import. I

              even tried to drag and drop it and it would not work either. The ADE is set as a

              default to open the .acsm files and still no go.

              Any other suggestions?



              Sandy Scott


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                sandyscott Level 1

                My problem is with a mac computer. I have perfect success using the PCs to

                download books to ADE. I decided to delete ADE and start all over again. I was

                hoping that this would work, because I had not deleted that file  in the library

                preferences before. So I deleted the ADE and that other file  with the.plist

                extention. I reinstalled ADE and tried to download a book  and once again it did

                not show up. I even tried to put the .acsm file  on the desktop and opened ADE

                and tried to add item. The .acsm file is  not recognized as a file to import. I

                even tried to drag and drop it and  it would not work either. The ADE is set as

                a default to open the .acsm  files and still no go.

                Any other suggestions?


                Sandy Scott


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                  rdlarabee Level 1

                  Sandy.....mine is a MAC also (Macbook Air).


                  When you try to add a book to your ADE library are the ACSM files there but grey'd out or simply not there at all? Before I did all the reinstallation mine were there but grey'd out. Once I finished the installation process they were black the way they were supposed to be and I could work with them. My library (Overdrive sponsored) kept telling me I had not downloaded the files altho I could see them plainly on my computer.


                  I'd suggest one more thing and then I'm out of ideas. Try deleting and re downloading the ACSM files. OOPs. I guess you already tried that. I also renamed the import.log to delimport.log so it wouldn't be a factor but I could still get it back later.  I don't think that that had any effect on anything. I renamed it back to import.log after things started working again.


                  One other thought. When I download the ACSM files they show up in two places. One. of course, is my download folder and the other is in Safari's download folder. I could either in ADE. Probably not anything you didn't already know but I thought I'd mention it.


                  I know how you feel when there is no one who seems to be able to help you out. Frustrating as the devil. Adobe seems silent about these problems. Overdrive doesn't seem to take the problems seriously and seems to think the problems are the patron's problems. Many times they are probably right, but not always!  I think they need to do a much better job at solving problems.


                  Sorry I couldn't be of more help. If you get it resolved will you let me know 'cause I'm certain the problem will come up again especially since Adobe has, according to rumor, pretty well washed its hands on this product.


                  Dick L.

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                    rdlarabee Level 1

                    Sonya....thanks for the reply.


                    This wasn't exactly my problem. (It was when I first tried out ADE tho!.)


                    When I downloaded from the library the files did get to my computer but ADE couldn't do anything with them. (They were all grey'd out.)


                    I did finally get the problem fixed by deleting everything on my computer that had anything to do with ADE and then reinstalling. In my case it seems that the ADE preferences file was the culprit (library>preferences>com.adobe.digitaleditions.plist,) The only reason I suspected this file was because I've used Photoshop in the past and everytime I had a problem the preference file was the problem.


                    Anyway everything is fixed and again I want to thank you for taking the time to reply to my problem. Since neither Adobe nor my library was able to help me, I have to rely on people like yourself to give me ideas for problem solving. I don't know much about computers you see.


                    Dick L.

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                      sandyscott Level 1

                      I tried deleting anything including that .plist file and all files with anything

                      to do with ADE and reinstalling and still not luck with the .acsm files. I have

                      been able to get .pdf files in to ADE that were saved to my desktop. Do you have

                      any other suggestions on how to get these files into ADE on a Mac?


                      Sandy Scott


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                        sandyscott Level 1

                        Thanks for your replies. If I get this figured out I will definitely let you

                        know. I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times the ADE and .acsm files

                        I am not sure of the orders. I guess I can try it again and hopefully I will be

                        able to do this. This is such ashame because working on a PC the files load in a

                        matter of seconds.


                        Thanks for your help and always looking for another option.


                        Sandy Scott


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                          rdlarabee Level 1



                          One more thought and I suspect you've already done this; probably dozens of times. Did you simply double click on the ACSM file in either Safari>windows>downloads or in finder>downloads? I feel silly asking the question.


                          One other question: When I try to add a book from ADE library view ADE opens my downloads folder. When I was having the same problem, the ACSM files were gray'd out and  ADE couldn't do anything with them. Each ACSM file was about 5kb in size so they had downloaded. Once I re installed ADE with the new preference file (com.adobe.digitaleditions.plist) the ACSM files now showed up as black and ADE could convert them to epub or pdf files and add them.to the library.


                          As I said I feel a bit silly because my guess is that you've done all of these things already. No more ideas.


                          Good Luck


                          Dick L

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                            sandyscott Level 1

                            Would you believe it is working now. I am pasting in an email I was writing two

                            different techs with Overdrive to let them know what was happening step by step.

                            All I can say is....on the last uninstall I must have deleted something new that

                            I had not done before. I have no idea which one So yipee!

                            I do not have the paper with the error code with me, but I do remember the code

                            I sent you was backwards when I looked at it again. Is there a code 2803?

                            I have just tried uninstalling as much of ADE again. The app, the .plist and

                            anything that has ADE connected to it that I can see. Do you have any

                            suggestions on places to look for hidden parts of the program?

                            I have reinstalled ADE for the Mac from the Adobe website and gotten

                            confirmation that it has installed through the Firefox browser.


                            I have chosen a new book to download from the library site. I clicked open with

                            ADE and then OK and low and behold the books began to load in ADE. What a

                            shock....After so many tries of uninstalling ADE parts and pieces, I must have

                            uninstalled something different than the other times.

                            Just to check I also went to East Baton Rouge's library and was able to get

                            books from them. I will try to get download more at home to make sure that this

                            is still working.

                            I will let you know if I have anymore problems.

                            Thanks for your help.


                             I will try this again at home. Who knows what changed but so far it is good.

                            I will let you know any other new developments. Now, to see if all these books

                            can be loaded on my Nook and iphone!



                            I really appreciate your help.


                            Sandy Scott


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                              rdlarabee Level 1

                              Congrats.....I'm happy things have worked out. Amazing what can happen when people work together!



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                                sandyscott Level 1

                                I now have a new problem with the Overdrive software. I have just  received my

                                2nd replacement mobile device of the Nook. I plugged it into  the computer and

                                ADE and I am getting the message I have too many items  authorized for my

                                account. From what I saw I should be able to have 6 mobile devices and 6

                                computers. I have registered two Nooks and 1 iphone as mobile devices, and this

                                new Nook would not be my 6th mobile device, just my fourth.

                                Now  as far as the computers are concerned, I am a technology trainer for a 

                                local school district and I have had an Adobe ID for awhile and I have  trained

                                Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements on several different computers with my

                                Adobe ID. I am not sure which ones I have used so  I do not have the ability to

                                deauthorize with the commands  shift-control-d since I do  not know which ones I

                                have used. What do I need to do about this?

                                How can I get my new Nook onto my account without loosing the content I have

                                downloaded today? 




                                Sandy Scott


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                                  Thanks for the info!



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                                    Is there a plugin or something I can download so I can highlight and take notes? I bought a textbook for class and can't do either of those things in ADE like I can with a PDF. I could live without the printing (hence why I bought a digi book in the first place) but the other stuff would be super helpful.

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                                      sandyscott Level 1

                                      Are you trying to read your books on the computer through DME or are you reading on a Nook or other mobile device? I do not know of anything for reading on the computer, but the Nook has a way to highlight and type in notes. Not very easy to do but it can be done.



                                      Sandy Scott


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                                        rdlarabee Level 1

                                        Get on the Barnes and Noble website and download the ereader . This program will allow you to read, write notes, highlight, search, etc. Might also try B&N's text book reader which I think will also allow all of those functions. I've used the ereader but not the text book program.


                                        Good luck, Dick

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                                          JoshuaTree00101 Level 1

                                          Thanks for the reply. Don't have a Nook...am trying to read on my computer.

                                          Is this feature going to be added at some point? I understand the need for

                                          DRM but not being able to highlight and take notes doesn't make much

                                          sense...especially since this is a textbook/technical type book.


                                          And I tried someone's suggestion below about the Barnes & Noble reader but

                                          it doesn't open the ACSM file which is all I got when I purchased the ebook

                                          online...no PDF.

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                                            marguerite_mcpherson Level 1

                                            You can call Adobe directly at 1-800-642-3623 (this is their tech support #)

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                                              rdlarabee Level 1

                                              The eReader cannot open an ACSM file but it can open an ePub file. Adobe Digital Editions is used to convert the downloaded ACSM file to ePUB format.


                                              The following may work for you. It does on my MACs - both laptop and desktop. I doubt Windows based computers are much different.


                                              Download ADE from Adobe. Once installed and authorized, click on your downloaded ACSM file and ADE should start up and convert the ACSM to an ePub file which will appear in the library view. You should also find the epub file in your digital editions folder. You can then open it in eReader or ADE and read it directly on your computer. eReader allows all the stuff you want to do.


                                              No need for a Nook.


                                              There appears to be several programs around that can read the epub format.


                                              Incidently I think the ACSM file is just a license that allows you to read the epub file. I don't know if ADE actually converts the file or if it simply downloads the epub file.


                                              Hope this helps.

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                                                JoshuaTree00101 Level 1

                                                I got excited there for a moment but no luck. There's no ePub file for this

                                                book anywhere on my machine. There are for other books I've bought in the

                                                past. I think this book was just poorly done.

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                                                  rdlarabee Level 1



                                                  When you double click on your ACSM file does ADE start up,  work for a moment or so and then stop and nothing is any different?


                                                  Are you on a MAC or PC

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                                                    Yes i had got this also, what you need to do is right click on you time in the right hand corner of comp, go to adjust time settings make sure time and date are correct and away you go,took me four days to figure that out LOL,



                                                    Hope it helps

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                                                      The issue is about the fact that I paid for my ebooks and I cannot read them other then over Adobe Digital Editions.

                                                      I cannot sync with my iPad because only Sony reader is supported. In other words my rights over the ebooks are nonexistent

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                                                        Fire Fish

                                                        What format is the book stored in after it gets downloaded with Adobe Digital Editions?


                                                        There's got to be a way for me to get a PDF out of this somehow.


                                                        Adobe is dreaming if they think they're going to succeed in digital protection like this. They don't even have an iPad reader for Digital Editions protected media.

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                                                          Level 4

                                                          By convention, .ascm files are associated with epub files.  When you use ADE

                                                          to download an ebook, ADE will translate the .ascm file and download the

                                                          ebook.  When the ebook is downloaded to your ereader this way, its file

                                                          format is .epub, with an '.annot' file that ADE creates to manage bookmarks,



                                                          .pdf's are different.  .pdf files can be downloaded either directly to your

                                                          computer or via ADE.  If you downoad your .pdf files via ADE, you can use

                                                          your computer's utilities to move them to another location, or use Adobe

                                                          Reader instead of ADE to open them.  There are several versions of .pdf, and

                                                          ADE does not work with all of them (it's using a subset of Adobe Reader).

                                                          The ADE Help pages give you much more information about them.


                                                          ADE's been around for some time, and is focused on Windows and Mac

                                                          platforms.  iPads have not.  There ARE epub readers for the iPad, but not

                                                          ADE - yet.  I don't know if they're working on it or not, but I assume that

                                                          they are, because they have an ADE edition for Mac.


                                                          Epub is the de facto standard  for materials copyrighted and protected by

                                                          the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. And no, Adobe is not 'dreaming' - this

                                                          is the way the industry has decided to encode their ebooks, and ADE works

                                                          successfully with this format.  Kindle works with this format also, and

                                                          there is other software that does as well.  There's a particular one that

                                                          works on iPad, but I can't remember its name.....  Old age!


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                                                            Hi Jim,


                                                            "The .acsm file isn't the book - it a purchase ticket that allows you to download the book."


                                                            I know this was an answer you gave 3 years ago to a slightly different question but, but, I have a PocketBook 602 ereader which is misbehaving with .acsm files. Your answer clarified my understanding of the acsm file being a key and not the epub or pgf file comprising the book.


                                                            After side loading a library (borrowed) book from my computer, the PB goes out into wifi land and verifies that it is a legal copy etc, as it should. As long as the file remains open I can continue to read the book. If I switch to another book and then back again, the PB goes out and verifies itself again. If it is not online, then it fails to retrieve the book file e.g. the epub.This means of course that on a journey, I can only read one library book at a time unless I have an internet connection. Not good.


                                                            Adobe Digital Editions on my computer will allow me to read the same book off line as long as it has been verified once. I assume this is the way it is meant to be.


                                                            How can I get  the Adobe software to behave properly on the PB as it does on the computer?




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                                                              I have 50 pdf books and this is the very first purchase I've done that has become useless to me. I was supposed to be getting a plain old pdf which I intended to transfer onto the iPad, I saw nothing about DRM. What I have is an encrypted pdf that can only be read through the crippled and annoying proprietary reader that adobe offers for these DRM pdf files.


                                                              I blame myself for assuming the acsm file would end up just being a delivery package for the pdf, so wrong.


                                                              At least it was only an 8.50 loss for a locked pdf of a 5.50 hardback book.


                                                              Unfortunately you don't know you are hosed until you hit the download button... good luck getting your money back at that point.

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                                                                Level 4

                                                                Breathe deeply, and relax....  I've been there.


                                                                This situation isn't uncommon, and from your description, it's probably not

                                                                an ADE problem.


                                                                .ascm formats are merely information files.  They authorize your ebook

                                                                support software (ADE or others) to download a particular file from a

                                                                particular site.  You could look at them as 'sales slips' that your support

                                                                software present to the main site in order to get delivery of the item from

                                                                the ebook warehouse.  So your concept of what .ascm does is correct in that

                                                                regard.  However, it's the support software that might be what's causing

                                                                your frustration.  ADE does not support the iPad at this time.  Although I'm

                                                                not sure from the context of your message, it appears that you expected it

                                                                to be.  Not yet - maybe soon, though, because ADE does support other Apple

                                                                devices, including Mac's.  There's a package called Overdrive that might be

                                                                the answer for your situation.  I think there are others out there, but I'm

                                                                not in the Apple world.


                                                                My suggestion for next steps is to get different support software for iPads

                                                                loaded on your computer (it may be free, like ADE)   and then see if you can

                                                                find the .ascm file on your computer's hard drive.  If it's there, then you

                                                                can use the new support software to get your .pdf files.  If it's not

                                                                working, I'd contact the seller and explain the situation.  Any of the ones

                                                                I've dealt with have been happy to retransmit the file....


                                                                Hope this works for you!


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                                                                  Baron Dugger

                                                                  Mr. Lester,


                                                                  I think Adobe should require all e-book sellers to note that a file is not ".pdf", but actually ".ascm". I just purchased an e-book for the first time, which was listed in ".pdf" format. I figured that I paid for it, so I could just print it and read it or load it on my phone(I don't have time to sit at a computer).


                                                                  I understand licensing concerns, but there needs to be a change...



                                                                  Baron Dugger

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                                                                    Level 4

                                                                    I'm not Mr. Lester, but let me give it a try.  (Jim no longer works for

                                                                    Adobe BTW)


                                                                    The '.ascm' isn't the .pdf file - it's a set of keys that tell ADE where the

                                                                    file is and other information about it.  Think of it as the address of the

                                                                    ebook on the shelves of the library.  This is the method that was agreed

                                                                    upon to implement the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 - and there

                                                                    won't be any changes to it.


                                                                    We have to adjust our way of thinking in the digital age, because technology

                                                                    has imposed its own methods on what we used to do in person.  There's not

                                                                    many ways to get around using a computer to do what you used to be able to

                                                                    do when you visited your library or bookstore.  So, the change that needs to

                                                                    take place is not in the system, but with the users of the system.....





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                                                                      bart34 Level 1

                                                                      Referring back to my comments on 14 April:

                                                                      Is my problem with Adobe's code as used by Pocket Book or with my Pocket Book 602 itself?



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                                                                        harper syd Level 1

                                                                        I can not load any .ascm books either and have not been able to for the last 2 weeks.  Not on my pc or my mac.  I am trying to reseach a different way to do this because it doesnt seem that adobe is interested in fixing whatever bug there is.  And byw I use nook.

                                                                        • 83. Re: .acsm file format converter??
                                                                          Level 4

                                                                          I feel like I'm being drawn into a different conversation.


                                                                          Please read my comments about what an '.ascm book' is in the response I

                                                                          posted in this thread.  That will put us on a level playing field.  Another

                                                                          disclaimer: I am not a MAC guy - and so I can't comment on what may be wrong

                                                                          in that environment.  Some of the stuff below pertains to Windows PC's.


                                                                          If you're having 'problems', they could be with ADE, they could be with your

                                                                          anti-virus software, with the site you're trying to download from or with

                                                                          the ebook file itself.  It depends on what's happening to you - and your

                                                                          problem is probably not a 'bug' in the software, because thousands of people

                                                                          don't have 'problems'.  I hate to  say it like that, because all of us

                                                                          assume that the technology we use individually works the same way as it does

                                                                          for others.  Here are a couple of ideas to see what you can do to 'get

                                                                          around' or 'solve' the problem you have.


                                                                          Start with a question: does this happen every time?  If so, you might think

                                                                          it's ADE, but it could be another software program on your computer.  Check

                                                                          the FAQ's in ADE Help (such as it is) and see if your anti-virus program has

                                                                          been reported to cause issues with downloads.  If ADE hasn't said so, it's

                                                                          still quite possible, so try disabling your anti-virus program while you

                                                                          attempt to download the ebook.


                                                                          If there are any error messages that have popped up, you'll have an

                                                                          indication whether there is a problem accessing the ebook - and that's not

                                                                          ADE's problem.  ADE relys on information that is in the '.ascm' file to

                                                                          initiate the download and if there's an error in the ebook file, it won't



                                                                          Also, if you're having problems with one site in your attempts to download,

                                                                          it's possible that THEY changed their software - especially if you were fine

                                                                          for a while, but now your can't do anything.  Try going to manybooks.net or

                                                                          gutenberg.org and see if you can download something from them.


                                                                          OK, if none of this works - or you simply don't want to mess with it, you

                                                                          can go to a different set of ebook management software.  Bluefire has been

                                                                          mentioned, along with Overdrive, in other posts to this message board.  I

                                                                          understand that the MAC world likes both of these, and I know that at least

                                                                          a few libraries use Overdrive.


                                                                          I hope this helps!


                                                                          • 84. Re: .acsm file format converter??

                                                                            If you still have your 500 and it cannot read ePub, call Sony. They will do one of three things for you. They will either upgrade your 500 to handle ePub via ADE, give you a refurbished 600, or give you a refurbished 650. The update to ePub for the 500 was free. So I'm guessing if you ask Sony about this, they won't charge you.

                                                                            • 85. Re: .acsm file format converter??

                                                                              I'm having trouble with an ebook I downloaded from the local library. I've got the ACSM file, Adobe Digital Editions is installed, and yet when I try to open the file it will only show the credit page--everything else is blank. I've been trying to figure it out for 3 days now, and it's getting a bit frustrating. Any help with this matter would be appreciated.


                                                                              Thank you in advance.



                                                                              • 86. Re: .acsm file format converter??

                                                                                Thanks Jim.  I had four books and unable to load them.


                                                                                Regards, Patrick

                                                                                • 87. Re: .acsm file format converter??
                                                                                  harper syd Level 1

                                                                                  I stopped fighting.  The library says Adobe is at fault, Adobe says the library is at fault.  I have many books that I can not read on the Nook.  So I bought an inexpensive KIndle and can download from all libraries that carry kindle books.  Amazon is amazing about returning the books.  The only books that I now put on the Nook cookbooks and technical books that I buy directly from B/N.  And when I can afford it, I will buy the newest Kindle.  Tired of being frustrated by adobe.

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                                                                                    Isto tudo é uma boa maneira de desviar o nosso dinheiro.

                                                                                    Comprar um livro e ter que lê-lo no programa que lhes dá na telha não pode ser.

                                                                                    Queria lê-lo no meu ipad e não posso.

                                                                                    Estou estremamente aborrecido com o editor e com vontade ne nunca mais comprar um livro.

                                                                                    Tambem temos o direito de desviar da mesma forma.

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                                                                                      Level 4

                                                                                      I don't speak your language, so I hope you can read my English.


                                                                                      .ascm files are just address files that tell ADE where to find the ebook

                                                                                      you want to download.  They are not ebooks themselves.


                                                                                      Click HERE<http://ebookreadersoftware.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/acsm-files-what-they-are-and-how-to-wo rk-with-them/>


                                                                                      read an article in English that gives you more details.



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