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    DRM activator issue

    davemachews Level 1
      hello can you help me with the same issue as well:

      "User's signature is invalid. PLease Reactivate.
      Adobe DRM Activator error (server code 9.
      Fault location:7
      Contact Customer Support."

      When going to the Adobe DRM Activator site :

      Here's the problem and how to solve it:

      You have tried to open an Digital Edition that was downloaded to another computer. You can open such a document on two computers onl
      y when you have activated Adobe Reader or Acrobat on both computers using the same Microsoft .NET Passport or Adobe ID.

      Problem: This computer and the computer to which the document was downloaded were activated using different .NET Passports or Adobe

      Solution: Return to the retailer, library, or other location where you acquired the document and obtain permission to open it on this computer."