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    How to deactivate/deauthorize a device

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      I just recently bought a new computer and I would like to share/transfer my e-book collections from my old one to my new computer. I am using Adobe Reader 7 to read my digital editions in my Mac computer. However, when I try to activate my new computer, I have a message saying that I am over the limit of activated devices. When I look at my activated devices, it looks like 5 of them are the same computer. I think what happens is that I have to re-boot (re-format) my computer couple of times when it is having a problem consequently, I have to activate Adobe Reader on the same computer a couple of times. Is there a way that I could de-activate a device (delete 4 of those activations) so I have a free space to activate my real computer?

      Also, I installed Adobe Digital Editions 1x5 in my old computer, and the Digital Editions from my Adobe Reader doesn't recognize my e-books. I am not sure what is happening?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.