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    WTF Adobe?

      I purchased some ebooks a few months ago and, after several frustrating hours, I was finally able to open and read them. Then, today I tried to open DE to read one again and it told me I that a new version was available and I had to update, so I did. Then it told me I needed to created an ID so I could access my ebooks on different computers, so I did that too. But then, when I trid to open any of my ebooks, it said I can't because they are "liscensed under a different user account."


      I don't really expect anyone to help me with with this, because judging from the other posts on this forum, Adobe's technical support team is almost as useless as its software. So, people at Adobe, it seems to me that in your rediculous efforts to prevent unauthorized copying of ebooks, you've succeeded in actually preventing paying customers from accessing their purchases, forcing them to have to go buy a hard copy, thus paying for the same book twice. Congratulations.

      So, to those who are afraid that paper books are doomed to extinction because we now live in a digital age: Fear not! For as long as incompetent companies like Adobe lead the way, digital books will never serve as a viable, functional alternative to the real thing.