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    PC  won't authorise DRM

      I recently bought Sony PRS 505 ebook and downloaded my first book. It suggested this DRM activation which I did thinking it would be useful to keep a copy on my laptop as well and now can't get into my ebook or library now. I see now what it is for and don't know how to take it off now.
      Its saying "To preview this ebook you must first authorise this PC for adobe DRM protected content. Would you like to launch adobe digital editions and authorise this PC now?" I click on the 'Yes' and nothing happens. I click on the 'No' and nothing happens. Can I reverse what I've done and take this DRM off my computer now? Is it just on this first ebook I downloaded? If so I'll just delete it and order it again. If this isn't possible and stuck with it how do I get my Sony reader to accept it so i can transfer the books I buy to it? Also how long does it stay on my computer? Its something that was free - will it eventually time out and go away?
      Any help would be appreciated. email laura@kleenstrike.co.uk
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          I'd appreciate some help with this. I have followed, by the letter, all the instructions and yet at no time have I ever been presented with a window that it suggests in Step 4 of the accompanying pamphlet. I've done everything I can to authorise ADE, but no chance. I've contacted customer support, and to my astonishment they asked me "Oh, do you have to authorise it" to be able to tranfer books downloaded (successfully) from Waterstones to my lap top (done) and then from there to my Sony EBook (not done).

          I've installed, unistalled, re-installed, uninstalled, ad nauseum.

          Sony have said categorically that everything I'm doing is right, and that Adobe haven't authorised the transfer of stuff I'm paying for (have already paid for) from Waterstones which has been downloaded to my lap top, to be transfered to my Sony eBook. Which is very annoying.