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      I have successfully downloaded the Adobe Digital Editions and have the brown screen. However, when I try to right click on anything, I get a small box called settings coming up. If I click on this, I am shown my Adobe Flash settings. I can alter them if I want but don't know to what or why. One of the settings says "Can't find digital camera" that's because I don't have one installed - I had one about 5 years ago but got rid of it as I was unhappy about its difficulty of use. I don't even remember what sort it was as I gave it away to a school. Could anyone help to tell me what is causing the problem?

      I was having problems transferring titles to my Ebook because I believe I should have been able to right click it and drag it to the ebook icon but at the moment this is not possible. I have also had the problem of "Can't find the Digital Editions folder " but a very helpful chap in Waterstones talked me through that this morning and I will add the instructions he gave me as an answer in this forum after I've finished this message. I'm glad this forum exists as its good to be able to see that other people are having some of the same problems and its not me but the system!