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    Frustrated with Digital Edition: No Pictures!

      Like the user in this message thread,
      http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx/.3bc45325, I cannot see the graphs in the ebook. I just bought a book from ebooks.com and couldn't see most, if not all, of the very important graphs. The graphs are the main reasons why i got the books in the first place.

      Is there a workaround solution? I do not know what format the images are in. (how am I supposed to know as a consumer? And eBook has not provided any information/included any warnings before the purchase, plus their website doesn't mention any customer service hotline or even email for technical support) I bought the ebook version because I needed to read the book ASAP. And now I'm very disappointed by this bad user experience.

      Frustrated User
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          I'm having the same problem. Adobe's site is beyond unhelpful. The "technical support" is abrasive. Please please please somebody help?
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            I'd like to help if I can. What format are the books in?
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              I have the same problem with Digital Editions Version 1.0.467.

              The ebook is in pdf format and there is a warning in the item information saying that the document uses unsupported pdf feature.
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                I've the problem too using Digital Edition. Is there no improvement? Help please. I need to see the figure.

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                  Dear Adobe,

                  I recently spent over $50 dollars on ebooks from Ebooks.com only to find that I could not view them on my Apple Mac. I did find a note later on the Ebook site but I spent ages trying to find the Download and Install button on your Digital Editions Download site. I finally figured out that my Apple didn't meet the requirements, however it was not well communicated.

                  So not wanting to give up, I switched to my PC laptop, downloaded and installed Digital Editions only to find that the images in the two Computer Guide Books will not display. I was surprised that this has been a problem since early September and has not yet been addressed.

                  I even tried downgrading to Adobe Reader 7 but when I did, it wasnt possible to download the Ebooks. So all in all, a very disappointing experience. I hope that you will be able to resolve these issues soon.

                  Can you give your users any indication of when these issues will be fixed? I am currently wondering if I should ask for a refund from Ebooks.com or if I should wait until you get this fixed.

                  Damian Eastwood
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                    We are working to add this support to Digital Editions, but there are unfortunately some complex legal issues involved. We seem to have gotten past those and hope to add the support in a release sometime in the first half of next year.

                    If you want help with why you couldn't download the books with Reader 7, please submit a support incident at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/
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                      Thanks Ric,

                      I sent a similar post to Ebooks and they were very helpful. The suggested the following: (It worked on my Windows XP Machine, I haven't tried it with Apple Mac)

                      1. Uninstall Digital Editions 1.0 From My Computer
                      2. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0
                      3. Run Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0
                      4. Go to File >> Digital Edition >> Authorise Devices
                      This takes you to an Adobe website where you need either a .Net account or an Adobe ID to Authorise you Adobe 7.0 (the wizard is very straight forward)
                      5. Redownload the Ebooks, this time Adobe 7.0 should launch to download the books.
                      6. It works

                      Thanks again Ric for your help.
                      Kind Regards
                      Damian Eastwood
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                        Hi, It's Stephen here (CEO of eBooks.com) -- I'm glad to say that we've re-processed all 102,000 Adobe ebooks in our database and all internal images should now be viewable.

                        If you have an Adobe ebook that you bought from eBooks.com and there are image problems, just log in to your account at eBooks.com and re-download the book. Contact support http://sec.ebooks.com/account/support.asp, who will be glad to step you through the process.

                        Best wishes,

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                          That's great news Stephen. I recently installed Windows on my Mac and will now try downloading using Adobe 8.0. It's really good to find a business that listens and responds to your issues, even when you post on a completely different website. 10 out of 10 for customer service.

                          Kind Regards
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                            I have been dealing with a no image problem since downloading Photoshop Layers by R. Lynch. I have been trying for years to get a handle on layers this book is great. Big problem at least 75% of the value is in the images which don't appear. I have sent 3 emails with no response.

                            Tonight following Stephen's advise I downloaded the ebook once more same problem. As other forum members have stated this is too frustrating. Where is a proper fix for the problem.
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                              Aaaargh. My mistake. Our production team
                              b is currently processing
                              all 102,000 Adobe ebooks in our database, to remove JPEG2000 compression.

                              I thought the job was finished, but in fact the process is about a third of the way through. The remainder will still take a few weeks to work through. Al, Damian, Charlene, et al, please accept my apologies for giving you false hope.

                              If you're stuck with an Adobe ebook that doesn't display images, write to me at the following address: ebooks at ebooks.com.

                              Use (or advise me of) the same email address that you've registered at eBooks.com, and tell me which book(s) are causing problems. I'll pass it on to the production team who promised to fast-track your books, to help me claw back some credibility.

                              Once this re-generation process is finished, we shouldn't have any more issues with black images.

                              The downside is that the ebooks themselves will be considerably bigger in file size, which makes for a longer download time. Still maybe in these times of fast connection speeds that's not such a big thing.

                              Best wishes,

                              Managing Director
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                                Again, many thanks to Stephen and his crew. We have now worked our way through the legal quagmire and have JPEG2000 working. It will be in the next major release AFTER 1.5. Sorry, it wasn't done soon enough to make the 1.5 train.