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    Router Not Connecting to Adobe Sites

      I've been trying for over two weeks to get Digital Editions to Authorise my computer without success. First it wouldn't let me access the Adobe ID page and then when I got an ID via someone else's PC it wouldn't let me sign in.

      The problem seemed to be that I couldn't access any adobe.com sites. For instance my browsers won't connect to any of the adobe sites on the link bars at the top of this webpage. Through trial and error I rules out my PC settings (same issue on three PCs 2 x Vista, 1 x XP) and my anti-virus etc systems (disabled all of them (no progress).

      I've been advised that my Wireless Router BT Voyager 2100 may be having difficulty accessing The Adobe 192.x.x.x range as it is a "non-routable"
      address space. It appears that the BT Voyager 2100 has a firmware
      setting that causes it to treat the whole 192.x.x.x address space as non-
      routable - and so ignores any requests to that.

      Can anyone confirm this or suggest a way around this problem, other than buying another router which may or may not present the same problem?