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    Is there a timescale for the following removed features to be put back?

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      As an ebook retailer I get a lot of queries about issues with Digital Editions, and about PDF ebook support on devices that used to be supported. At the moment I just have to shrug and tell them that I have no idea when features that were in Reader 6/7 will be available in Digital Editions, so I'm hoping that someone at Adobe might read this post and reply with something tangible. What I'm after is rough ideas of when the following two most requested features will be supported, if at all:

      PDAs. Right now the only mobile device supported is the Sony PRS reader. What about all the platforms that Reader for Mobile Devices handled? We've got existing customers who bought ebooks from us before our distributor switched to ACS4 who can no longer purchase PDF ebooks for their devices So when will Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian, and the other previously supported platforms get Digital Editions? Most of our customers who have these are purchasing Microsoft Reader or eReader Pro format instead, but not all the ebooks are available in these formats.

      Cross ebook hyperlinking. A number of publishers sell ebooks that hyperlink to each other, these worked fine in Reader 6/7 but do not in Digital Editions. At least one that I have had communication with recently has been unable to get any response out of Adobe about when/if this support will be re-introduced.

      At this point in time I wish our distributor had stuck with the older ACS as at least customers with Adobe Reader 6/7 could have support for the above. It was still a chore to have to explain to them that Reader 8/9 could not read them, and that they needed to downgrade their Reader software, but at least it was possible. This new acsm format forces the use of Digital Editions and effectively locked out around 60% of our existing customer base as they were purchasing ebooks for use on their PDAs, and that's a lot of business lost.