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    Need to Change E-mail address - will I lose purchased content?


      I have just switched service providers and need to update the e-mail address tied to my adobe account which I have used to authorise both my eDoc purchases and my Sony Reader.

      My fear is that in doing so, I will lose the ability to read all of my e-Docs authorised to my current e-mail account and I am also concerned about updating my Sony Reader to the new details.

      I am concerned that Adobe has tied username for authorisation directly to e-mail, which is prone to changes when switching jobs or networks and have also been a bit dismayed to not find any details about updating e-mail account in Adobe's documentation - other than a warning that changing your e-mail affects your username and therefore your authorisations.

      Can anyone please provide me with some help on how to switch my e-mail address and still be able to read purchased e-doc content and update my sony reader?