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    Authorising Digital Editions on Virtual PC

      I received a Sony Reader 505 for Christmas. I know it isn't supported on my Mac, but have found software that will enable me to load unprotected ebooks. Great. I then decided to purchase a DRM protected pdf file. I downloaded Digital Editions,I registered my computer and can read the file on my Mac.
      I then wanted to put the file on my Sony Reader. Knowing that it isn't supported by Mac I then installed all software on my Virtual PC (Windows XP) that runs on the Mac - with internet.
      BUT - Digital Editions won't let me authorize the 'computer'.

      Set up is required, when I put in my ID & Password I get asked to try again - with this url:


      I don't have a PC with internet access - is there a solution?
      Why won't Digital Editions let me authorize the PC emulator?