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    Error getting license

      Error getting license
      License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER

      HOW IN THE WORLD DO I FIX THIS!??? I've spent tons of cash on ebooks and now can't read the books! Help.
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          I have the same error while downloading eBook on same machine. Here are couple of mistakes I had done. Any help in this regard will be great.

          First -
          I did the mistake of not using Authorized account id when I installed ADE.

          Second mistake - At a later point of time I authorized ADE with and account id. Inspite of warning by ADE that the previous protected data will not be accessible.

          I'm using the same machine and same Windows logon and not able to access my previous protected items of anonymous account.

          Is there any solution to move the previous protected items of anonymous account to the named authorized account on the same machine?
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            I find it very maddening that this is even happening. Adobe you suck!! you need to fix as soon as possible how is it possible that you release an update and now i can't read any of my books!! I spent so much money and can't read any of my books.

            On top of that I failed my test because I couldn't read my book!!! that had several sections I needed to read!!
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              Error getting license
              License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER

              HOW IN THE WORLD DO I FIX THIS!??? I've spent tons of cash on ebooks and now can't read the books! Help.

              Please send information on solving this problem to nh_vng@yahoo.com
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                Jim Lester Level 4
                The support link is at the top of the forum, but I'll repeat it anyway:

                click on the "Contact Support" link
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                  I have the same problem:

                  授權伺服器通訊問題: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER

                  Please send information on solving this problem to frank.shuli@gmail.com
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                    davemachews Level 1

                    try this link





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                      I just got this problem and I am using a mac and a PC basically I registered with my email address on one and made a typo on the other however simply reactivating was not working for me so I could not read my new book.  Trawling through the net I feel sorry for everyone who has this issue with no fix.


                      I managed to fix the problem buy going to regedit


                      Hkey_current_user\software\adobe\adept etc you will see the registration details under there.  I in fact exported the whole adobe key ands save dit just in case I needed to restore it but I dont have another other adobe apps installed.  Once I deleted the key and reinstalled ADE I got prompted to re-activate it again properly and entering the correct email address it helped.


                      I would say just be careful for those of you may have other adobe products, if you cannot find the right key to delet reply to me and I will try and help idf we think its the same issue




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                        Licence error

                        I have the same problem and I cannot resolve the issue.  I renamed the file in the register and it allowed me to

                        authorise again - and that says all ok, but I still get the error and cannot copy purchased downloads.




                        I've sorted it 


                        I trawled through the Registry 'regedit' and looked at all the DigitalEdition entries until I found which seemed incorrect
                        - yours may be different, but this had entries which did not correspond with my set up -

                                    HK_USERS/(key_name)/SoftwareMicrosoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/ComDIg32/PDF/MURLis t


                        After this I then got another error which would not allow me to copy over the purchase book, and I proceeded as follows


                        *  Exit Digital Editions, but ensure your reader is plugged in

                        *  Make up a backup copy of manifest.xml - stored in
                             e.g. c:\Documents & Settings\Your_User_Name\My Documents\My Digital Editions

                        *   Seach for deviceID  and remove all the entries between  <de:deviceID>  to </de:deviceID>  leaving in these tags

                        *  Save the file

                        *  Open Digital Editionals and it should come up and ask you to Authorise

                            - do so

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                          When attempting to download an Adobe eBook a second time, I received the error 'Error getting license/License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER'. What should I do?


                          In order to download a single Adobe eBook on multiple computers, Adobe Digital Editions must be activated using the same Adobe ID on each computer.

                          To activate Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID…

                          1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
                          2. Select Library > Authorize Computer….
                            The 'Authorize Computer' dialog box is displayed.
                          3. In the appropriate fields, enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID.
                          4. Click 'Activate'.
                            Your computer is activated to your Adobe ID.
                          5. Click 'Finish' to close the 'Setup Assistant' dialog box.
                            Adobe Digital Editions is activated using an Adobe ID. Repeat this process on each computer on which you intend to download Adobe eBooks.
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                            Thisis how my manifest look like and I don't have the line <de:deviceID>.

                            Also it's frozen, can't delete anything.

                            What am I to do?


                            Thx in advance

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                              Contacted Adobe support who gave me a list of instructions which included uninstalling Digital Editions, deleting registry files, deleting ebook files (after saving them elsewhere), emptying trash folder and rebooting (unfortunately this didn't work).


                              However when I carried out a simple system restore (start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore) and went back to a restore point before I had authorised Digital Editions this worked and I was able to access all my ebooks again.

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                                Nelo86 Level 1

                                Thank you for the tip. But the thing is that I changed computers and just have the copies of my e-books. That is why each time I try to open ADE, it tells me that it is registered to another account .




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                                Contacted Adobe support who gave me a list of instructions which included uninstalling Digital Editions, deleting registry files, deleting ebook files (after saving them elsewhere), emptying trash folder and rebooting (unfortunately this didn't work).


                                However when I carried out a simple system restore (start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore) and went back to a restore point before I had authorised Digital Editions this worked and I was able to access all my ebooks again.

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                                  Adobe needs to come clean with this rotten product. Angus robertson has reset my licenses several times, and still i have this problem.

                                  I am starting to feel guilty in getting on them, must be Adobe's problem

                                  Don't know where to turn. Anyone starting an official legal complaint we can all join in on?

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                                    I made the same mistake of downloading to a computer that wasn't signed in.  There was no warning though, I thought it was authorized.


                                    I purchased an eBook from Cokesbury.com and downloaded it to my desktop (which wasn't authorized to my email). It will not work on my laptop which is authorized.  Emailed Cokesbury and they told me to just go ahead and authorize the desktop - I didn't do it because there were warnings that I might loose access to the licenses.

                                    So now, it doesn't work on the desktop either... it now tells me:

                                    Document is licensed for a different user account

                                    And the laptop continues saying:

                                    Error getting license
                                    License server communication problem:


                                    Cokesbury sent me to Adobe support.  I didn't even read the book and I bought it for class.  Can someone please help?

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                                      twinszzz Level 1

                                      Hi Everyone,


                                      I have found the message comes from using two different accounts.  For example, if you downloaded the book on someone else's computer into ADE, then it is their email address and password you need to use to open the book in.


                                      I had changed my email address, there for my adobe digital editions ID.  I now have to switch back and forth in order to read the books.  You can also check with the website you bought the books from, tell them your issue about Digital Editions and some people have had success in the website resending the book so you can authorize the new version under your own ID.


                                      Hope this helps.  I will try KOBO and see if they can resend the book.


                                      Oh, I also went through the phone calls with adobe and the web as well.  No help what so ever and they wanted 39.00 to help me with a free product.  Didn't do it.  I'll just either switch back and forth with my ID's or ask Kobo to resend the books.

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                                        twinszzz Level 1

                                        In case I wasn't clear, I have to deauthorize my ade by pushing ctl+

                                        shift+D, then re-start ADE, then log in the email address and password.  This is what I meant by logging in under another person's email address and password in ADE.

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                                          Here's what FINALLY worked for me. I have  NOOK, but it is possibly the same problem and procedure. I was able to read on my ADE on my computer, but not on my Nook (files I had bought from KOBO). I was getting USER NOT ACTIVATED error or ERROR GETTING LICENSE message.


                                          On my NOOK, (Plug into your computer and find it as a drive. You can see the folders on it) I deleted the ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS folder that I could see. On my MAC, there is also another INVISIBLE FOLDER called .adobe-digital-editions. I think (but I'm not sure) that this file is visible on windows and you can just delete it. For MAC, OSX.4 or higher use this:


                                          I found a dashboard widget called hiddenfiles, at this link:




                                          Download  this and install. It will seem like nothing happens, but then when you  open your nook drive (the nook drive that shows up on your desktop when  you connect by usb cable) you can see that folder called  .adobe-digital-editions


                                          I deleted the whole folder. It has  information about the rights of the books, etc., and if there are old  files in there or some that conflict (maybe you had the ADE before you  registered your nook, bought with a different account somewhere, who  knows what!!)


                                          This causes your Nook to be deactiviated, so  the next time you connect and open ADE it will ask you to re-authorize  your nook. Do so. Then drag your books from ADE. They should (worked for  me - YAYYYY I am so happy!!) now show up in your documents on your nook  and most importantly of all - OPENNNN!!!!!

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                                            Thank you, I don't have a mac, but i followed the instructions to delete all adobe digital editions on my nook folder when connected with usb. reopened app and was finally prompted to activate my device and was able to open my books!! Thanks user to user forums. As useful as Adobe products and downloads are, their customer service is just horrible. No offense to "oversea" customer service, but shame on Adobe for lack of training. Anyways, I am happy now.

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                                              I am also having the same problem. I do not want to mess with my registry, I cannot restore my system to a earlier time, and while I do appreciate these suggestions from the fellow members, ADOBE has yet to offer any (real) solutions. A link to the "Help" section and copy/pastes of the FAQs do not provide much value beyond stating the obvious.


                                              Adobe, you have left me frustrated and dissatisifed with your brand due to inferior support and troubleshooting infromation.

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                                                Adobe online support directed me to this link  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/314992   LOOK familiar ?????


                                                Then they said open a support ticket

                                                Karal : 1. Sign into the Customer Support Portal at www.adobe.com/go/supportportal 

                                                Karal :   2. Type in your Adobe ID and Password and then click Sign in

                                                Karal :   3. Under Get Support, click Technical Support tab and choose the product.

                                                Karal :   4. Click "Continue" button and proceed to online form.

                                                Karal :   5. Fill in the required fields (asterisk), and click Review Case and Submit.

                                                Karal : Our tech support specialist will follow up with you through the same case. Please make a note of the Web Case number.



                                                Come ON... for a company that has $1.32 BILLION in operating cash flow.. you would think they can create a product that actually works.. or hire people who can actually support ?

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                                                  newyorknewyorker Level 1

                                                  BTW..  see this article... looks like those books that were in my list to download did not work anymore. I was able to add a new book to my list and download it.

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                                                    I cannot believe how frusterating this is.  All I want to do unauthorize the ADE on my computer.  I tried uninstalling and deleting the hidden files, however, it still shows my old email as the authorized computer.  Can someone help with this?


                                                    It is so frusterating to not be able to read the books I purchased.

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                                                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                                      You may be running into a digital rights issue.  There's a technical article

                                                      that may help HERE

                                                      <http://technology.myblogzone.info/2011/01/how-to-solve-the-error-getting-license-message-i n-adobe-digital-editions/>.

                                                      I hope it helps you.



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                                                        Here is a reference that may or may not help. It is concerning ADE.



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                                                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                                          This reference relates to Overdrive software that's installed in Virginia.

                                                          There's a flaw in the commentary: the library establishes the checkout

                                                          period and the rules regarding early return of ebooks.  Once a library has

                                                          established 'their' rules, Overdrive will react accordingly.  That software

                                                          should NOT lock you out if you return an ebook early if it's set up

                                                          correctly.  Overdrive has gone through a number of upgrades, and I would

                                                          guess that the Virginia Public Library that relates to this Facebook note

                                                          has not done their full upgrades.  However, if you do get locked out, then

                                                          you can call your local library's technical support folks and they should be

                                                          able to 'unlock' you.



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                                                            Marie Ghys

                                                            Same problem here...


                                                            I managed to download them on my Sony Reader, don't ask my how... But I see that now I can't open them in ADE (same message : E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER) and I can't open them on my iPad app (same message)... And I did autorize the computer and the iPad...


                                                            Is there already a solution for this problem?





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                                                              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                                              The message says that the particular publication has been tagged with

                                                              another user's ID.  That can happen when you try to move or copy an ebook

                                                              from one person's ereader to yours, or if you downloaded a publication from

                                                              one site with a different user ID than the one on your ereader or your Adobe

                                                              ID.  The reason it's a 'problem' is that the publishers set up some

                                                              conventions on how to share digital material back in the early part of the

                                                              2000's, and embedded digital rights into publications to implement those



                                                              You 'might' be able to get by this conundrum, depending on what the

                                                              publication is and where you got it from.  If you have an ebook that's been

                                                              downloaded from one of the commercial sites, like B&N, KOBO/Borders, TW

                                                              Smythe or others, you probably paid for it.  You can contact the distributor

                                                              and ask them for a replacement download under your Adobe ID.  I think most

                                                              of them will be accommodating, but you don't know until you ask.  If you

                                                              purchased your ebook AND that particular ebook can be downloaded somewhere

                                                              else for free, then you can go to that alternate site and download it into



                                                              Hope this helps!




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                                                                Steve B11

                                                                I am utterly appalled that Adobe has not stepped in at some stage here with at least an explanation.


                                                                IT'S BEEN SEVEN YEARS SINCE THE FIRST POST AND THIS PROBLEM STILL EXISTS.


                                                                What an arrogant company. A disgrace!

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                                                                  Thank you so much! Your solution is the life-saver.