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    Could someone please help me with this

      I've tried everywhere, even technical support but this has been a nightmare. Technical support have been driving me in circles and not getting anywhere.

      I purchased an ebook from amazon.com back in 2004. This was fine but in 2008 I brought a new PC as my old one died out. Now I had backed everything up on CD, loaded it back on new PC.

      Back then, i don't think this Adobe Digital editions existed, anyhow I can't open the ebook now. Firstly, let me say this, I have already contacted Amazon, they are of no help as they no longer do ebooks and no longer provide support on ebooks. I was told to speak to publisher, publisher said its none of their business as I never purchased it off them and told me to go back to amazon. Technical support are running me in circles telling me to install, reinstall Adobe none of which works.

      My question is I have purchased an ebook, why should I not be able to use it?

      One point however, I did use a different email address when i purchased the ebook however when contacted customer services that adobe ID no longer exists on their database and the email address I use for adobe digital editions is a different one as I cant use the old one as there is no password for it now.

      This is the error message I get when trying to open the book:

      Adobe DRM Error
      System: 8
      State: 4
      Class: 65603
      Code: 147

      VE error 147
      --- end ---