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    DE -saster.  How can I reverse and go back to acrobat on a mac?

      I have no time for this nonsense. $100 book that I could read passibly on acrobat, and I foolishly clic on the download the new edition "yes" teaser. Now I'm stuck in this Digital Edition and can't get back. No thumbnails where there used to be, and slow page changes. Page numbers no longer correlate to the page numbers in teh book, so searching for things is painfully difficult. Text is blurry.

      There should have been a warning... i only intended to upgrade to reader 8.1, not get imprisoned in this not ready for prime time thing. I've got to get this book back NOW.

      I'm using a mac with 10.4.10. Please advise how to de install DE and get back to acrobat with my expensive (and hopeless) e book. I'll never do this again. Strictly paper and ink from now on.