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    Help- digital editions will not authorise ebook

      I need help.
      My digital editions will not authorise ebooks to accept the books I have bought.
      Support have taken a week to ask me whether I have a Sony Ebook, so I don't have much faith in them helping

      I can buy the books and read them in Digital Editions but it will nopt allow me to transfer them into the Ebook or the Ebook library.
      I have tried pressing CTRL SHIFT and E but nothing happens- even though the programme recognises the presence of the Ebook.

      I have tried transferring the books into the Ebook library via the folder in 'my documents' but again-weh I try to transfer them from thier into the actual ebook it says something like "Adober needs to authorise these books. Wasnt to open it now?"

      Oh-and my computer is authorised.

      Please help (and talk in idiot speak for me please-I am not computer savvy)