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    Adobe DRM Activator error (server code 24)

      I updated to the most recent version of digital editions, but uninstalled it due to the fact that it does not support Palm.

      I reinstalled the old version of Adobe Reader 7.0. All of my ebooks show up, but when I try to transfer my ebooks to my Palm I receive an error message stating:

      Your Adobe software cannot be activated.
      A bad session ID was used in the header.
      Eden Info: (0x18) A bad session ID was used in the header.
      Soap Info: Client: A A bad session ID was used in the header.
      Adobe DRM Activator error (server code 24).
      Fault location: 12
      Contact customer support.

      The knowledge base states that Adobe is aware of this issue and I have to contact support.

      I uninstalled and reinstalled the program a couple of times but I had the same error message.

      I have open two open web cases (#0180655783 on 1/8/09 and #0201592044 on 12/22/09). They both state: "open pending response from Adobe", but I can't get a response (although my case do note that they have been updated???).

      When I contacted Adobe via phone they informed me that I could only get assistance by opening a web case. I was assured that I would get a response within 24 Hours! What a bunch of crap!

      I really have to have access to my ebooks. I have quite a lot of money invested in books that I cannot access. Some of them I need
      for school.

      Please HELP!

      Operating System: Windows XP Home
      Browser: Microsoft IE