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    Authorized with wrong ID

      I had to restore my laptop to factory state. I re-installed Digital Editions, but then I made the mistake of using the wrong email address to authorize it. Apparently, I had an Adobe ID for the "wrong" email address too. Unfortunately, the laptop had previously been authorized with another email/ID (before the restore), and obviously, all my books are authorized with that ID.

      I can't find an option to "un-authorize" the PC. Un-installing didn't help. Is there any recourse to be able to authorize my laptop to the correct email/ID?

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          Bumpiddy, Bump, Bump....

          I have a Nook Color and made the mistook of authorizing my laptop with my long-standing Adobe i.d. as opposed to the one established with my Nook.  Now, I can't get borrowed library e-books from Adobe to my Nook.  What to do, what to do???

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            You didn't say that ADE doesn't recognize your ereader, so I think you have

            a different problem.


            Take a look at the digital rights for the downloaded library books.  It's

            quite possible that the publisher won't let you make copies of the ebook,

            and thus you can't transfer them to your ereader.  Apparently, this is

            pretty common.


            To do this, bring up ADE in Library mode.  Then, put your cursor on the

            ebook's avatar.  A small arrow will appear.  Click on that arrow, and a

            drop-down box will appear, showing a choice for 'Item Info'.  Click on that

            line and you'll see the rights the publisher has assigned.  If they say no

            copying, then you can read your ebook only on your computer. Bummer if

            that's the case.


            Hope this helps!