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      I tried to print off some pages from a book I PAID 65 DOLLARS FOR. My printer was out of ink so I went to get some more. When I tried to print it again it was ghosted (the print icon) and when I checked the 'permissions' it said that copying and printing were not allowed and that viewing was 'null'!! Now I have a 65 dollar useless ebook because I can't print or copy. I was supposed to take this chapter to school tomorrow but now I can't.

      I am "this" close to demanding my money back. This is f&$king ridiculous.

      To anyone who is reading this: Think twice before buying any ebook that works with Adobe's new "DRM" "ADE" stuff. It restricts you from using it EVEN THOUGH YOU PAID FOR IT.

      It's like buying a CD and only being able to play it at home and not in your car. It's like buying a book and not being able to copy a few pages out of it. This is a crippled ebook AT BEST.

      Adobe should publicly apologize for this monumental, steaming pile of horse feces.