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    Can't transfer e-book to another computer

      I'm using Windows Vista, Adobe Digital Editions v 1.5, I purchased an ebook online, and I'm trying to transfer the ebook to another computer for printing. I followed all the instructions online for transferring ebooks, and logged onto the other computer's ADE with the same account, but I keep getting the error "Document is not Licensed for this Device Type".

      We've already called the customer service and they didn't provide any help.

      Can anyone help please? Thank you very much in advance.
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          If the customer support for you bookseller is not being helpful, then your next best alternative would be to open asupport case with Adobe by going to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/ and click on the Get Support link.

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            I am having the exact same issue.  Did you figure out a solution?  I would be greatly appreciative.  I'm quite frustrated right now.

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              Hi, I'm having the same issues. It is my first time buying an ebook and i'm having problems already. I don't like this program it is just too complicated to activate. Never want to buy an ebook again.

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                I am having a related problem. My laptop with 100 purchsed ebooks on it died.  I bought a new laptop, copied all my files from backups, downloaded Adobe Digital which would NOT recognize my email/password and therefor will not open the library.


                The most important part of the library is professional texts that I need access to.


                Although this must be a daily occurrence Adobe have not been able to help (shall I say.. "yet").  I tried to redownload the books from the purchase site but they also will not open.. and with all the hassle I have now exceeded download limits.


                This seems the most simple of problems but I have been two weeks without the documents.


                The terms of use from the download site required me to use Adobe, they charged full price for the ebooks and the books are now not usable.


                Ian1406   Australia/Vietnam