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    Opened support case, they keep closing, problem not solved and they won't respond

      I opened a support case with adobe for thier digital editions program and they would answer once and close the case without seeing if the answer worked. I reopened the case again when the fix didn't work and gave them more info, including text of the error, and asked that they read everything that has been done and reply again. They replied again and only answered part of my problem (how to deauthorize my computer) not how to fix the original problem that is STILL not fixed, and closed the file AGAIN. So I again reopened the case and asked them not to close the case until they see if the solutions they offer work and to look over info and what I have done so far and to please help me fix my problem. Now I don't get any answer since friday. This support is laughable!! I guess we know why the program is free. If given the option I will never BUY anything from adobe.