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        Thanks for responding, Wendy.  'Preciate it.

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          jsm28 Level 1

          That worked!!!  Thank you very much, Wendy.

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            I think I found a solution it works for me. What I did was uninstall it. then reinstall. when it says which folder you want it in click browse and click digital editions folder. after that it should work. hope this helps.

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              jsm28 Level 1

              Thanks for responding.  Wendy's solution (see above) worked for me, so I didn't need to try yours.


              Does anyone know why Adobe seems so uninterested in this?  eReaders appear to be the coming thing.  I'd think Adobe would want their product to work?!?

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                Adobe cannot support niche products, like windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.  Crazy!


                With freeware you get what you pay for.  Looks like the best plan is to use an eReader that does not require Adobe

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                  Level 4

                  Your 'plan' can be implemented easily if you use an ereader bound to a

                  bookseller's website.  Amazon/Kindle, B&N/Nook are the two most prominent,

                  but SONY can bind their eReaders as well.  Those sites will download ebooks

                  directly to your ereader.  And don't forget the Apple world with iPads and



                  The issues arise when you want to branch out - borrow an ebook from a

                  library for example.  Sometimes that works with the bound ereaders -

                  sometimes not.  You'll know only when you try, according to your plan.


                  Final thought: with over 20 million users, Windows 7 and IE9 are hardly

                  'niche' products.  ADE does work with them.



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                    motormiller135 Level 1

                    I'm using Windows 7 64bit on my tower & Windows 7 32 bit on my Dell laptop with no proplems.  ADE works great.  I use Aldiko & Cool Reader as readers.

                    But, I'm also, using Firefox 5 & not Explorer 8 or 9.  My friend has XP Pro, the same readers & Firefox 5.  No problems.

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                      I've just discovered a solution to this for my laptop running Windows Vista. I kept getting the "Could not find Digital Editions folder" error when I ran Digital Editions. The following restored the Document path for Windows Vista and then it worked -


                      Left click on the windows START button, right click on Documents and select Properties. Then select the Location tab (make a note of what the path is set to - in case you need to revert), then press the Restore Default button. This may then ask you to confirm the change (I think on recollection there was a yes / no question, which I selected No for about keeping documents - but check this, maybe backup if needed). This reset the Document path to its original setting. Then when I re-ran Digital Editions, there was no error message, I opened the acsm file, the document was downloaded and I could view the document!



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                        So, Adobe, four years later and we still are having this problem. Really? I think I've tried everything on this forum, and still it doesn't work. Phooey. I know it's because I moved my documents folder. But darn it, I needed room on C:. And support ignores you. I am an unhappy camper. After the thousands of dollars I have spent on Adobe software, you would think they would fix the problem. But I guess I'll just have to live without it on my PC, it works just fine on my smartphone with Overdrive Media Console, and Nook.

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                          motormiller135 Level 1

                          I know what I'd do, I'd create a My Documents folder on Drive C:\ with a My

                          Digital Editions folder inside just for books and forget the problem.  Adobe

                          has made up their mind to ignore us & the problem.  An old saying applies,

                          "If you can't beat'em join'em"......



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                            My approach to this 4-year-old problem was clear almost a year ago.  I sold my Sony Reader and purged my system of all Adobe software.


                            Delisting myself from this forum is a typical Adobe issue - there appears to be no means to get the unsubscribe to work and no support available to solve the problem.



                            Anyone know how to unsubscribe to this thread?

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