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    Licensing Error

      I have both Mac OS and Window Vista on my computer using bootcamp.
      A few weeks ago, I purchased an ebook for the first time.
      When ADE asked me if I wanted to authorize my computer (on Vista OS), I made a mistake of not authorizing it at that moment.
      Later, when I wanted to read the book on Mac OS, I could not read for the obvious reason. Therefore, I authorized my ADE on my Mac OS and also did the same thing on Vista, thinking that it might allow me to read the book on both operating system.

      It turns out, however, that now I can't even read the book on either OS.
      I tried deauthorizing and spent hours trying to figure out if there is a way to get an access back, no use... It kept telling me that the license was used by another user.

      My adobe id is ku8809no@msn.com, Is there anyway you can give my access back?
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          You will want to make a support request from http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions. This will require a lot more information than will be convenient to give in a public forum.

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            I've been having this same thing happen with a lot of customers (I'm an ebook retailer) recently - when you authorise DE with an Adobe ID it prevents the existing ebooks from being opened as it appears that they are not getting the ID applied to them and so the license on them no longer matches that of DE.
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              Jim Lester Level 4
              This is why we strongly suggest (to the point of obnoxiousness) that users authorize their ADE installation with an AdobeID when they are first asked.

              If they authorize later with an already used (on another computer) AdobeID the user will lose access to the existing books on their computer (and they are warned that this will happen).

              Depending upon what the user has done, our support may (stressing here may) be able to associate a new AdobeID with the old anonymous activation, so that the user can retain access to their old books, but they will not be able to make it so the user will be able to use the same AdobeID for both set of the books.

              Unfortunately removing the option for anonymous activation is not something that I can do.

              Jim Lester
              Adobe Systems
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                Ok so why am I not being allowed to read my newly checked out books from my local library? Instead, I am given a message that states not authorized on this computer. So now I can no longer read books Ive purchased nor books I am checking out. EXCELLENT.

                The forced program download effectively eliminates all possibilities for reading books. I am a very unhappy camper. I downloaded the program and have been using it for months with zero issues and now...Ive lost all the books purchased AND can't finish the ones in process. Whats up with this?
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                  This is a very good question. I look forward to hearing about the solution.
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                    I cannot see my purchase document -- Error getting license
                    License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER -- I redownloaded my original document from the store and after I authorized my computer (originally I did not authorize it). How can I see this? I need to view this document on another computer also. I authorized it and tried to redownload that document to it, but had error message also. HELP!
                    Is there a way to start everything from scratch without repurchasing my document?

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                      Licence error

                      I wonder if you have a solution to this problem yet?
                      I bought a book reader for my husband as a special birthday present and he cannot download the book I have bought him.

                      We loaded the software and it says it is authorised, and if you go to the registry and rename

                      /HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Programs/Adobe/Adept  - it allows me to enter the authorisation again,

                      but it then asks me to continue with the install and says "One of More Downloads are not Finished - Do you want to continue"

                      Click yes and it reads  "Error Getting licence Licence Server Communication Problem  E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER"

                      I do not want to take the book reader back, I need assitance to resolve this so my husband can read downloaded books.


                      I have tried uninstalling Adobe reader and Flash Player and reinstalling those + Digital Editions, but it still fails


                      Yours feeling very disallusioned



                        See Forum "Error Getting Licence"  - I resolved the issue.


                      Have a good day.

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                        Can you also please pass the URL which points to this forum?

                        I didn't find this forum.