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    We're losing customers due to lack of PocketPC support - where is it?

      Since being forced to ACS4 and Digital Editions we have lost a lost of customers, who used to buy ebooks regularly, due to the lack of support for PocketPC/Windows Mobile. When is Digital Editions going to be made available for these devices? They far outnumber the Sony PRS-505/700 user base and yet Adobe seem to be content to ignore them. If I'd had the choice our company would have remained on the older ACS so we could still support Reader 7 and Reader for Mobile Devices but unfortunately this was not possible.

      The move to Digital Editions has been a mess for us both in terms of support (especially due to the licenses on existing PDFs not being converted to match the Adobe ID when authorized afterwards, instead just rendering unreadable all PDFs that were downloaded prior to authorizing, and it appears that this is still the case even in 1.7!) and because of Adobe's lack of interest in maintaining their existing userbase. Unfortunately Microsoft have also managed to fail to take advantage of this by not updating Reader for WM6.1, but at least their LIT format is usable on all those older iPaqs and other WM5/6.0 devices that have been available for years.