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    Too Many Activations - No reply from Tech Support...

    dataheadache Level 1
      Hi, I'm hoping somebody may be able to help me - I contacted Customer Service last week to ask for my activations to be reset after reading the numerous problems people are having here that I am also having.

      I had to re-install Digital Editions and Windows Vista after an unrelated problem - but now I cannot activate DE as it says I have too many activations.

      Foolishly, I'd thought I'd skip a step and ask Customer Services directly, but after going around and around in circles with Customer Service who seem to just quote other web pages for me to look at rather than fix the problem - I'm not getting anywhere - can anybody help with my cases? I managed to find another form for Technical support, and filed a case for the reset request, but haven't as yet received any reply.

      Any help gratefully received.

      The case numbers are:
      Customer Service: 0201747312
      Technical Support: 0180732318.