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    How to open PDF ebooks on a computer

      I bought $350 worth of ebooks from ebooks.com so I could read them on my bebook (mybebook.com) and the files don't open on my bebook, so I tried to open them on my computer so I could convert them to another format, but my computer can't open the files. This is what happens:

      1) A window comes up that says: This document can't be opened because it's ownership hasn't been established on this computer. But I bought the books on this computer! There are two choices that I can click: 1) I own it and copied it to this computer or restored it from a backup and 2) Someone else gave it to me and I would like to own it. I click number one and then click on a button that says "establish ownership".

      2) Then another window comes up that says: You will now be taken to the adobe DRM activator website where you will get instructions on how to reactivate your Acrobat or Adobe reader to allow for sharing and restoring of documents. You must be connected to the internet for this. If not, cancel and try again later.

      3) So I click OK and am taken to an Adobe page that says:

      Here's the problem and how to solve it:
      You have tried to open an Digital Edition that was downloaded to another computer. You can open such a document on two computers only when you have activated Adobe Reader or Acrobat on both computers using the same Microsoft .NET Passport or Adobe ID.
      Problem: This computer and the computer to which the document was downloaded were activated using different .NET Passports or Adobe IDs.
      Solution: Return to the retailer, library, or other location where you acquired the document and obtain permission to open it on this computer.

      I wrote ebooks.com and told them what was going on also, but I don't know if they will be able to help me because I downloaded the books to this computer.

      Does anyone know what I can do to be able to open these PDF files?


      Kyle Pounds