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    Nested Bookshelfs and general thoughts.

    tinylion_uk Level 2
      Also I'd really like to be able to drag and drop a number of pdfs or folder sets containing pdfs into a named bookshelf rather than having to add them into the 'all items' list first and then having to go through and copy them into it.

      I deal with large numbers of PDFs (many 1000s), both paid for books and our own internal documents. I find a the lack of effective foldering (nested bookshelfs etc) to be a massive drawback. Also the system seems very slow and often seems to feel as if the application is only just about hanging in there and could crash at any minute.

      That said I like the idea alot. It's just not quite there yet is it. Maybe DM was never intend to be used in the way I'd like to, I may well not be in kind of user the developers had I mind. I fear this is the case. It's such a shame as I find the look of the app really works for me.

      Has anyone any ideas of any applications that may suite me better?