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    How can I read my ebook on a hand held?

    kylepounds Level 1
      I bought $350 worth of ebooks from ebooks.com. They have no support and refer all of their technical questions to Adobe, so I hope someone from here can answer me.

      These are the instructions on how to transfer the ebook to the hand held on the ebooks.com site:

      Transferring your Mobipocket eBook to your Hand Held Device

      Download the Mobipocket Reader setup program for your hand held onto your PC from;

      Follow the prompts to install the Reader.

      Synchronize your hand held to complete the installation of Mobipocket Reader.

      With Mobipocket Reader open, select Help / About, then copy the PID and paste it into your account by clicking the Register a PID link on your account. You must do this before you download your eBook.

      Download your eBook.
      * Go to < https://secure.ebooks.com/user/login.aspx >
      * log in with your user name and password.
      * You will find your book listed there. Click on the "Download" link next to it.

      Your eBook should download directly to you hand held device.

      It says on there you need to "synchonize your hand held to complete the installition". How do I do that? I was never prompted to synchronize my hand held. I registered my PID on my ebooks page for both my computer and my hand held but I did it after I downloaded the ebooks and not before like you are supposed to. I tried taking off my ebooks again and downloading them again and it didn't work because I couldn't read the ebooks at all because the second time I downloaded it only a 1 K file in Digital Editions downloaded and so I had to recover the ebooks from my recycle bin.

      Then I tried to download it directly to my bebook but nothing showed up when I looked for it and when I looked at what downloaded to my bebook all that showed up was an 848 bytes .EDT file. Then I transferred the corresponding ebook from my computer to my ebook and it showed up on my hand held but it won't open.

      I have the EDT file and the ebook itself on my computer and I did everything right but it won't open on my ebook. What now?