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    eBooks of chess problems. Center table bug?


      I am developing a tool to generate an ePub ebook with chess problems to solve. I have nearly finished, and now I am having a small problem with epub presentation.

      The ePub file I attach has been made with a development version of the tool. If you unzip the files, you will see the xhtml files are showed correctly in browsers. Also, if you open the ePub file with calibre eViewer the content is showed correctly.... but if I open the eBook in Adobe Digital Editions or in the Sony PRS505, the board is left justified.

      I have tried to replace deprecated "center" tag with CSS and the problem continue. The board appears in the left.

      Download at: http://rodin.chess.googlepages.com/tmp.epub

      Does anybody know what can I do in order to get proper board aligment?

      P.S.: xhtml files has been code checked in w3.org (html and css)